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8 Native Hawaiian organizations awarded total of $1M in NATIVE Act Grants : Maui Now

The Department of the Interior’s Office of Native Hawaiian Relations announced the awarding of $1 million in grants to eight Native Hawaiian organizations to implement the Native American Tourism and Improving Visitor Experience Act.

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The ReidOut

all in with chris hayes starts now. with chris hayes starts now. >> tonight on all in -- >> she did say she may be able to change some of the motions. but she says the trial date is in stone. >> donald trump stayed with justice starts to sink in. >> this guy is gonna be sitting in a courtroom starting on march 4th for probably 6 to 8 weeks. >> tonight, while all parties involved should be thrilled at a speedy trial for the republican front runner, then

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Anderson Cooper 360 - get the latest breaking news, showbiz & celebrity photos, sport news & rumours, viral videos and top stories from Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday newspapers.

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Anderson Cooper 360

nice footwork. man, you're lucky, watching live sports never used to be this easy. now you can stream all your games like it's nothing. yes!

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All In With Chris Hayes

pharmaceutical companies, they can't keep raising drug prices at three times the rate of inflation. >> medicare will start bargaining on behalf of seniors, and make them bring the prices down. >> we'll negotiate with the drug companies, for the cheapest available price on drugs. >> medicare should be able to negotiate for lower prices for its members. >> there are certain democratic campaign pledges that almost perennial, to the degree they've been there for most of my adult career covering politics. one of them was, as you saw, to let medicare negotiate prescription drug prices. massively popular, consistently polling through the roof. it would both say of the government a ton of money, and make drugs cheaper for millions and millions of americans rely

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♪ ♪ >> sean: so our worst fears about the dangers of biden border crisis have now come to pass. a spokesperson for. 's national security council has confirmed that several illegal immigrants thanks to joe's open borders from uzbekistan were trafficked into this country by suspected terrorists. one of the smugglers that helped bring these illegals across the wide open southern border of joe biden has verified ties to a known terror group. reportedly isis. you know the people that be had other people, innocent people. now, does this mean terror cells

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they have to do a more broad antibody. they are very expensive and hard for people to access. thank you. unfortunately that's all the time we have left this evening. a quick programming note. tomorrow night a live audience. "hannity".com. in the meantime set your dvr so you never miss an episode of hannity. in the meantime let not your heart be troubled. greg gutfeld is next to put a smile on your face. see you tomorrow. happy tuesday, everyone! i am the queen of midmorning dana perino filling in for the king of late-night greg gutfeld who is out recovering from being greg gutfeld. i have come a long way since my days as a humble prison guard.

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Jesse Watters Primetime

i'm sholeh, and i lost 75 pounds with golo. i went from a size 20 to a size 6. before golo, nothing seemed to work. i was exercising for over an hour every day. it was really discouraging. but golo's so easy, the weight just falls off. the long-lasting scent of gain flings made it smell like dave was in his happy place... ...the massage chair at the mall. but...he wasn't. gain flings with oxi boost and febreze.

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Jesse Watters Primetime

Jesse Watters Primetime - get the latest breaking news, showbiz & celebrity photos, sport news & rumours, viral videos and top stories from Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday newspapers.

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australian gas workers plan to strike with wage pressures high in the mining—dependent country. and the business of comedy — we take a look at what the edinburgh fringe festival

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