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California Forever's Plan to Build a New City Confronts Hostility

At the first town hall meeting in support of the project, residents of Solano County, Calif., pelted one of its leaders with skepticism and questions.

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Henry Kissinger Spent His First Years in America in a New York Apartment

When the Kissinger family fled Nazi Germany, they landed in Washington Heights, in a two-bedroom rental where the children slept in the living room.

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Opinion | The Way Geert Wilders Won - The New York Times

The Netherlands, where rural areas are losing physicians, bus stops and schools while urban areas thrive, is fertile ground for a demagogue.

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Shuangliu district leads way in modern development

Shuangliu district leads way in modern development - get the latest breaking news, showbiz & celebrity photos, sport news & rumours, viral videos and top stories from Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday newspapers.

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Shuangliu district leads way in modern development

Shuangliu district of Chengdu,thecapital of Sichuan province, has made great strides in building a high-quality Chinese aviation economic hub.The district has obtained the individual award of Chinas Most Happy City (Urban Area) at the 2023 China

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Opinion | Houston Shows How to Tackle Homelessness

Houston demonstrates what should be obvious: that a wealthy society doesn’t have to accept as inevitable throngs of people sleeping on sidewalks.

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In Rio de Janeiro, Architecture That's in Sync With the Jungle

A new generation of Brazilian designers is creating dwellings that respect the surrounding terrain.

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Why Warblers Flock to Tonier Neighborhoods - The New York Times

In the unequal distribution of birds and other species, ecologists are tracing the impact of bigoted urban policies adopted decades ago.

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