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Diario El Periodiquito - Alza del paralelo acumuló más de Bs 362.000 durante la semana

Alza del paralelo acumuló más de Bs 362.000 durante la semana
Desconocida -
||Glenn Requena/Foto: Cortesía
Este 23 de julio el dólar en el mercado paralelo superó el pico de los 4.000.000 de bolívares, poco más de dos meses después de haber llegado a los 3.000.000 el 13 de mayo. Con la variación de este viernes, la moneda estadounidense acumula 24% de incremento en lo que va de mes y más de Bs 362.000 en una semana.
El incremento del tipo de cambio de las últimas tres semanas supone uno de los más acelerados en 2021, al menos en cuanto a bolívares, pues en ese lapso el incremento fue de 24%, solo superado por las variaciones de 49% en enero y 39% en abril.

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Mazda's CX-30 Turbo Now Has Power to Go With Its Value

Mazda’s CX-30 Turbo Now Has Power to Go With Its Value
Louis Mazzante
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This turbocharged crossover delivers 250hp in a pleasing, fun-to-drive package that impressed our reviewers.
The Takeaway With 250hp, Mazda’s CX-30 is one of the most powerful yet pleasing to drive crossovers you can buy. It's not cheap, but its features and performance make it a solid value.
Responsive power and handling for a crossover
Premium interior and features add value
While still compact, it sits higher than the Mazda 3
250hp and 320 lb-ft of torque
6-speed automatic transmission
18-inch alloy wheels
Last year,
Popular Mechanics named the CX-30 our Crossover of the Year>>>P. At the time, the then new model impressed with excellent driving dynamics, premium finishes and features, and a ride quality that surpassed its price. We viewed it as a well-made, fairly priced small crossover that met its users’ needs. We weren’t the only ones who liked it. It became Mazda’s second-best selling model.

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30 Years Ago Whitney Houston Changed Our Expectations of the Super Bowl National Anthem

30 Years Ago Whitney Houston Changed Our Expectations of the Super Bowl National Anthem
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This once in a generation performance transformed the way Americans hear'The Star-Spangled Banner'.
On January 27, 1991, only ten days had passed since American military forces were deployed to Iraq, officially launching the Persian Gulf War. Thrust into another Middle Eastern conflict, Super Bowl XXV felt less like a football game and more of a testament to American excellence.
This is our sport. Our football. This is American strength. As political scientists have noted for years, there's this thing called"rally'round the flag effect," where tragedy or war inspires an increased sense of patriotism. Literal baseball card mockups were made of Gulf War soldiers. The government was selling the war with a heavy dose of American patriotism, and what could be more patriotic than the National Anthem, sang by the Whitney Houston, in a stadium packed with 74,000 people more proud of being American than ever before? If anyone could sell patriotism in two minutes, it was Houston.

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