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Tom Ammiano earned his varsity letter in 1959. It finally arrived this week

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Tom Ammiano earned his varsity letter in 1959. It finally arrived this week
Tom Ammiano in his backyard in San Francisco on Saturday, March 27, 2021.Santiago Mejia/The Chronicle
More than six decades after he earned his varsity letter, Tom Ammiano finally got to wear it this Tuesday, with a full ESPN camera crew in his Bernal Heights kitchen.
The arrival adds some joy to a bitter chapter in the 79-year-old San Francisco supervisor and assemblyman’s life. It was a literal chapter in Ammiano’s memoir, “Kiss My Gay Ass,” where the politician talked about earning the letter in 1959 as a track athlete at his New Jersey high school, but being denied the honor by students and a teacher who had bullied him with anti-gay rhetoric.

Research at UFV leads to pollination discovery

Print Edition: May 22, 2013
Summer is almost upon us, and with it the anticipation of a delicious blueberry season – a season that is now at risk, due to a bee shortage.
In previous years, bees have been sent from across the country to help pollinate the large amount of plants here in the Lower Mainland.
This year many of these suppliers are no longer available.
As UFV professor Tom Baumann explains, “the lack of previous bee suppliers, especially from the prairies, has left a vacuum – a vacuum that cannot be filled locally.”
In the Fraser Valley alone, an estimated 120 million pounds of blueberries will be harvested this coming season – a harvest completely dependent on bees.

This massive sculpture is now standing in NYC's Rockefeller Center

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A 10-foot-tall sculpture now looms over NYC's Rockefeller Center Channel Gardens, gazing up at 30 Rock—a stance we've all taken at some point, whether as a tourist or a passerby.
The stainless steel artwork by American artist Tom Friedman was just unveiled at the entrance to the gardens located on Fifth Avenue between 49th and 50th streets, and it'll be standing tall until March 19.
Titled "Looking Up," the humanoid figure was created with crushed aluminum foil pans which, through a process of lost wax casting, retains the imprint of the original materials. The sculpture combines Friedman's interests in the supernatural and experiential, according to Rockefeller Center's developer Tishman Speyer. 

Tom Calloway Collection Art Sale is going on now - The Martha's Vineyard Times

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The Martha's Vineyard Times
Tom Calloway Collection Art Sale is going on now
1 of 3
Tom Calloway’s 1960 Triumph TR3 is the only item for sale not listed on the website. — Valerie Sonnenthal
"Judith," by Mac Worthington, multi-colored metal ribbons on aluminum base. — Courtesy Tom Calloway
"Party Night," by Mac Worthington, metal sculpture with red ribbons. — Courtesy Tom Calloway
In 2017 I left a handwritten note under a stranger’s door wanting to know more about the sculptures visible from the road. Was a public sculpture park being created? A month later I heard from Tom Calloway and was thrilled to meet in person, four years after his home purchase on Lambert’s Cove Road, and to see the transformation he was up to outside. | Remembering Philanthropist, SCV Community Activist Cheri Fleming

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Community leaders, friends and family from across the Santa Clarita Valley mourned the loss of well-known philanthropist and local community activist Cheri Fleming, co-owner of Valencia Acura, following the announcement of her death Monday.
She and husband Don Fleming had been together for 40 years and, on Tuesday, he said his heart is broken.
“She was my guiding light. She was my inspiration. She was my compass. She was all of those things, and she was a lot smarter than me, too,” Don added.
The Flemings moved to the SCV after purchasing Valencia Acura in 1997, and as they worked to turn it into one of the top Acura dealerships in customer loyalty and sales, Fleming worked to better her new community.

Vanishing Higher-Ed Hasn't Put a Damper on These Portland Fashion Schools

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In 2018, the Art Institute of Portland—the only college in the city offering bachelor’s degrees in apparel design and fashion marketing—closed its doors, shifting the balance of local design education options. The school, well known for its fashion alums (including no fewer than three
Project Runway contestants) had been through a tumultuous few years, with the nationwide chain of colleges forced to grant $103 million in loan forgiveness on top of a $95 million multistate lawsuit settlement to students for consumer fraud. Since then, Portland has also seen the closures of the 112-year-old Oregon College of Art & Craft, which offered a smattering of experimental design courses, as well as other non-fashion Portland-area mainstays Marylhurst and Concordia.

Vineyard visits - The Martha's Vineyard Times

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The Martha's Vineyard Times
Tom Dresser's new book is now available in various local bookstores. — Courtesy Tom Dresser
"The Rise of Tourism on Martha's Vineyard" is Tom Dresser's 12th book about the Island's history. — Courtesy Tom Dresser
An early sketch of the Camp Meeting Association, an annual Methodist retreat in Wesleyan Grove. — Courtesy Connie Sanborn Collection
A toboggan slide, built in 1887, was a huge hit for thrill-seeking visitors. — Courtesy Martha's Vineyard Museum
Shearer Cottage first opened its doors 1912 as an inn dedicated to African American visitors. — Courtesy Joyce Dresser
An outtake from Steven Spielberg's 1975 summer blockbuster "Jaws," filmed on Martha's Vineyard. — Courtesy Connie Sanborn Collection

Summit Musicians Relief Fund to host paid, recorded concerts for musicians

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for more information.
Courtesy Tom Fricke
The Summit Musicians Relief Fund, a nonprofit dedicated to providing local musicians with financial support for medical issues, is expanding its mission. The organization is placing out a call for artists affected by the coronavirus pandemic to be paid to perform in a concert series.
If selected, the musicians will perform a one-hour set of original music at the Arnie J. Green Stage of the Goat Tavern in Keystone. While not livestreamed, the concert will be recorded, produced and directed by Dewey Paul Moffitt and Leon Joseph Littlebird.
The musicians then can use the recorded video for their own needs — such as selling it to fans — and Summit Musicians Relief Fund eventually will have a benefit concert made up of highlights from the videos. The nonprofit had its April benefit concert canceled due to the shutdown.

ASID's Outcome of Design Awards Honors Data-Driven Interiors

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Courtesy Hannah Jaggers
In addition to promoting the value of its members’ services, the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) works to show the world that design can improve everyday life. To that end, last year ASID created the Outcome of Design Awards recognizing individual projects that demonstrate quantifiable effects of design on people through sustainable, human-centric, and socially responsible design solutions. The awards, presented in partnership with sponsors Herman Miller and Mohawk Group,  honor completed projects that have been occupied for at least six months and have proved their impact across a variety of categories including people, space, society, and environment.

Buckle Up for These Picture-Perfect California Road Trips

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California’s state parks and rec agency called
Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park the “last in a long string of redwoods parks”—but for anyone who hops in a car in Portland, blasts down I-5 to Grants Pass, and hangs a right on US 199, it’s the first, and it might be all you need.
The park claims 7 percent of the world’s remaining old-growth redwoods, a 300-foot-tall curtain between you and the rest of the modern world. Some areas are off-limits until spring 2021 while a bridge is built so visitors can access the park’s
Grove of Titans without tromping through sensitive habitat in service of that FOMO-inducing Instagram shot, but there’s still plenty of majesty to soak in.

What Can Designers Do to Combat the Loneliness Epidemic?

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What Can Designers Do to Combat the Loneliness Epidemic?
In the opinion of one designer at a recent Think Tank panel, "we're either helping create spaces that connect people or we’re not."
Courtesy Tom Harris
The thing about loneliness is that we all know how it feels. At a recent Think Tank panel hosted at HKS’s Dallas hub, moderator and
Metropolis editor in chief Avinash Rajagopal asked audience members to turn to their neighbor and share an instance in which they have felt lonely or socially isolated. The room buzzed with stories of vulnerability in what seemed like a rare moment of human connection.

'It remains the most intense 24 hours of my life': Former British Army officer recalls 1983 Beirut bombings

We speak to T om Beese, who opens up for the first time about his harrowing experiences in Lebanon after an attack killed 241 US military personnel

Red's Java House, with a single perfect tweet, is the Harper Lee of social media

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Red's Java House, with a single perfect tweet, is the Harper Lee of social media
Red s Java House
Pier 30: Perched on a pier offering dramatic views of the Bay Bridge, Red s Java House remains the beloved, scrappy diner that ginger-haired brothers Tom Red McGarvey and Mike McGarvey purchased and renamed in 1955. Since sold, it serves up double cheeseburgers, hot dogs and on weekends, corned beef and hash. (415) 777-5626, Wright Hession / Special to The Chronicle
For most Twitter users, joining the platform is an opening of floodgates.
If you’ve tweeted fewer than 10,000 times over the past decade, you’re considered a bit of a social media recluse. There is one Oakland blogger, @Zennie62, who has composed 817,500 tweets. Releasing one new tweet every second, it would take 10 days to equal that number.

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