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One person killed, another seriously injured in Macon Co. crash

One person was killed in a head-on crash on Highway 52 in Macon County Tuesday afternoon and another person was seriously injured.

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I-24 EB closed in Montgomery Co. after multiple wrecks

Multiple injuries have been reported and I-24 eastbound lanes in Montgomery County are shut down Tuesday night due to a crash involving multiple semi trucks and other vehicles.

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Alex Wagner Tonight

a lot of money. folks forget that the rampart scandal in the 1990s, the lapd, that was the crash unit that also had an acronym that sounded like something that would be good but was crash cost $125 million. the task force in baltimore recently cost taxpayers $13 billion. these are responses to narratives of fear that bad black folks are coming to do damage to you. but what usually happens police do damage to those black communities, they end up paying out money and all of it in part because we only ask police to drive down the crime as if the way you drive it down is what you doyo afterwards as opposed using data saying those are the communities that don't have enough investment, they don't have resources so we can give people the s things they need s they don'tng have to cry out fo crisis in the first place, and that at the root is the thing

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Early Start With Christine Romans

deadly accidents, scrubbed flights and an ice storm creating chaos. and a woman in oregon kidnapped and tortured and the suspect found dead. and first republican ready to officially take on donald trump and it is not ron desantis. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm christine romans. an ice storm is wreaking havoc on the roads in at least eight states from texas to west virginia. that crash was in memphis. the national weather service urging everyone to avoid driving if possible. two people have died in texas accidents as sleet piled on top

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K11 Musea City As Studio Exhibition Jeffrey Detich

China to Present Its First Major Retrospective Exhibition on Street Art and Graffiti: The show will be curated by Jeffrey Deitch in collaboration with the K11 Art Foundation.

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Anderson Cooper 360

nichols, it's been disbanded. specialized units have existed in most of america's 70 major city, often driving police arrest stats and generating pr opportunities for politicians eager to appear tough on crime. >> i'm glad to hear that the unit has been disbanded. i think we should probably be taking a serious look at these specialized units, both in memphis and around the country. >> reporter: this kind of so-called elite police squad is not a new idea. >> so some cities are taking on drug dealers with urban commando teams with intimidating names. like crash, dart, tnt, and in atlanta, red dog. >> show me hands, get on your knees. >> reporter: atlanta's red dog unit started in the 1980s. officers went on high-risk raids and patrolled public housing. it was publicly popular, but was disbanded in 2011 after years of complaints over its tactics. in 2021, facing a new spike in

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BBC World News

died at the age of 5a earlier this month. the author of a five—year—old report into the hillsborough disaster has said it�*s intolerable that the uk government has still not responded to the document. bishop james jones wrote his review about the experiences of the hillsborough families in 2017. today the police will become the first public body to respond to the findings. judith moritz reports. the horror of hillsborough continues to be felt almost 3a years after the crash on the terraces that killed 97 liverpool supporters. police failures were the main cause of the disaster but the bands were wrongly blamed and four years theirfamilies fought for their families fought for justice. in theirfamilies fought for justice. in 2016 they rejoiced when fresh and quest returned

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Bus thief nabbed after crashing stolen vehicle into road shoulder

MELAKA: A 27-year-old man was detained after he stole a school bus to return to his hometown in Kapar, Selangor.

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