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Litigations stalling Ogoni clean up, Calabar dredging – FG - National Accord Newspaper

Minister of Environment, Mohammed Abdullahi has blamed some Civil Society Organisations as well as some individuals in Rivers of stalling Ogoni clean up through unnecessary litigations.

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Ogoni cleanup: Federal govt gives reasons for slow pace of work

The government also explained why the dredging of the Calabar channel is stalled.

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victor blackwell joins us with some numbers. tell us, victor. >> carol, good morning. the first confirmed fatality in the state of georgia is related to the weather. i just received an update from georgia state patrol in which i am going to read the message as it came from them. >> reporter: troopers have been dispatched to 1,254 crash calls with 130 injuries and one weather-related fatality since 10:00 a.m. tuesday. of course, that's when the snow started. the slush started and all froze over. i am holding my phone here. i, of course, asked for details about the circumstances surrounding that fatality. i am hoping that i get a response. understand that even with the 1,254 crash calls, those were just calls that state troopers responded to. that does not include the crashes that local city police, the municipal resources responded to. we have seen cnn i-reporters

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the mayor just said 791 accidents in all in the city of atlanta. most of them have been cleared. he still has open cases as he termed but for 28 accidents. what are you hearing? >> reporter: again, just for those people that joined us late, 1,254 crash calls for georgia state police, 130 injuries and now one confirmed fatality. now, you heard mayor kasim reed say there was not one fatality in the city of atlanta. these two things can be true, because they are the numbers for the state. it could be outside the city of atlanta. another thing the mayor mentioned, getting food to children at schools. i had a conversation with the spokesperson in atlanta public schools about the food and the supplies getting to students. i read some tweets from the aps accounts at 11:54 last night about students who were waiting for food and they were hungry. they said, food is on the way.

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