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Bad Astronomy | Black holes in dwarf galaxies have been hiding out in the open

Astronomers have missed a LOT of black holes in nearby galaxies. They were hiding in plain sight, and we needed to look for them in just a very slightly new way.

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Bad Astronomy | Huge Chinese radio telescopes spots hundreds of pulsars

Video of Neutron Stars: Crash Course Astronomy #32
FAST is so big it's sensitive to fainter pulsars than have ever been seen before. The survey scans the plane of the Milky Way to look for them — high mass stars that explode as supernovae and form neutron stars tend to be pretty much right along the disk of the galaxy. We are inside the galaxy, so we see this disk as a thick line across the sky (called, confusingly, the Milky Way) and so that's the best place to look for pulsars.
Video of Animation of a spinning pulsar
It found some interesting ones, too. 40 of the new found pulsars are what we call millisecond pulsars, spinning faster than about 300 times per second.

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