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YouTube unveils new program that enables students to earn college credits

YouTube is partnering with Arizona State University and Crash Course to create a new program that allows students to earn college credit

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Fox News Live

knife used. your unsights on the -- insights on the suspect and the accusations against him. >> well, the suspect, you know, the fact that he's on the radar, they probably picked up on social media for whatever social media allows the fbi or whatever they're allowed to peruse at the time, and he got on their radar for those reasons. so my question is, you know, if he's being, you know, tracked that way, did they know he was coming to new york, you know? were they able to put it out there that, you know, his wanters? if not, if he -- his whereabouts, that doesn't necessarily fall on the fbi if not, but it's something to be aware about. the fact that he's on a social platform and he's professing this and taking crash courses in, you know, islamic terrorism over here, then something has got to be done about that to a different degree can as well. they have to change what's allowed to be seen on the social media, and social media has to step up their game and start reporting every little incident they see.

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Campaign Crash Course: Your favourite teachers and subjects | Analysis

Campaign Asia-Pacific launched the Campaign Crash Course video-learning series in September, promising valuable lessons and practical business tips on trending and essential topics from industry experts in just five minutes (plus a quiz). The response, from both industry folks wanting to contribute and from you viewing the weekly lessons, has been extremely positive. We're hard at work on keeping our pipeline of Crash Courses filled for next year. But this week, as the year winds down, we decided to let anyone who may have been tardy catch up on the five most popular lessons thus far.
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