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maneuvering. so they you are in congested shipping lanes in the dark at 2:30 am doing these maneuvers. probably trying to adjust your arrival time into tokyo bay and you have a navy ship out there. and again, it is 2:30 am for everybody. all of these wild shenanigans are going on and the next thing you know it is metal on metal. >> the fleet said in a statement the crash damage, the machinery room and radio work. most 200 sailors on board would have been asleep at the time of the crappy but do the circumstances tell you about this? >> we are missing seven sailors. there were probably some lookouts posted on deck may have been thrown overboard. in the collision. i am afraid that most of the seven will probably be found in the damaged spaces. that is my fear. >> there's a tri tip about the wonder of those splendid areas. particularly in the units. i want to show one more time a

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crashed. it wasn't even supposed to be on this road. investigators are looking into why it was there. the ntsb has also had problems downloading video and data from the bus's cameras. engine control module because of crash damage. the first lawsuit related to the incident filed on behalf of 8-year-old jamar bowling. the family says he suffered significant physical andjuriein. a truck bomb killed at least 57 people, wo wounded another 5. it happened on a highway between two towns southeast of bag dad. the parked truck exploded near several buses carrying s inin i muslims on a pilgrim am. isis has claimed responsibility for this attack. americans are reflecting now on all the things we're thankful for this thanksgiving. unicef wants the world to know it's been a horrific week for the children of syria. with the war in that country now five years old, the u.n. estimates one syrian child in

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