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WENDY KNOWLER | Wyze up on crash data technology

Did you know your car’s airbag data can tell accident investigators exactly how you were driving at the time you crashed your car?

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Woman charged in crash that killed Wisconsin Public Media director

A Madison woman is now facing a homicide charge for allegedly causing a crash in July that killed Wisconsin Public Media director Gene Purcell.

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Bodycam footage shows the moment Washington DC officer crashes 'while drag racing with another cop'

The alleged drag race took place late in the afternoon on April 22
Video released last week shows one car picking up speed quickly on the street
The car seemingly hits at least one bump, then seconds later, the car bumps again another, which is when the crash happens and forces the airbags deploy
The cop in the passenger seat groans several times as he exits the vehicle, before somebody asks off-camera if one of the people involved are okay
Humias Khan, 24, and Jerrita Millington, 33, have both been charged with reckless driving and two counts each of aggravated reckless driving
Another cop, a probationary officer, was fired following the incident 

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