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Another driving-themed party game enters the fray.
In a world where automotive based games are dominated by either the sim or arcade racer experience, there is a little space in between where the odd ones out find their niche. The most popular examples are the Mario Kart series and Rocket League, which choose the experience and fun of competition and gameplay over the nuances of the vehicles themselves. There are others out there that look to buck the typical automotive-based video game trends such as physics and mechanic sims, which turn to aspects of vehicular manipulation to help us pass the time. In the vein of the multiplayer experience, we have Crash Drive 3 from M2H, which looks to steal some of that party game lightning that kart racers seem to have bottled.

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Crash Drive 3 drops to PS5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC

July 8, 2021
M2H this week released Crash Drive 3 to Sony Corp.’s PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Co., Ltd.’s Nintendo Switch and the PC.
Crash Drive 3 is a car stunt title that includes an open world, more than 50 customizable vehicles, and 10 game events.
The final game includes cross-gen and cross-platform multiplayer functionality.

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Out Now: 'Crash Drive 3', 'Little Fin', 'Atelier Online', 'Forest Camp Story', 'Auto Defense', 'Bomb Club', 'Super Glitter Rush', 'Streetball Allstar: Showdown' and More

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'Crash Drive 3' Launching on ALL the Platforms July 8th with Full Cross-Platform Online Play

The Crash Drive series of open-world stunt-driving games dates back more than a decade, with the most recent entry Crash Drive 2 gracing mobile and PC platforms for several years now with a Nintendo Switch version arriving early last year.

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