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tests, if there were medical conditions, and subpoenaing things such as cell phone records. when it comes to the record, they want to make sure that 2001 vehicle that's been reported was in good working order, they're going to want to look at maintenance records and information on that. they'll be documenting the environment, the physical scene. it's been reported that this intersection has had crashes before. they will want to look into all of that and understand what happens. but in particular, when it comes to the vehicle, understanding the crash dynamics and occupant protection will be a big thing they'll pay attention to. >> i want to ask you more about that because the early reports are this was a 2001 ford expedition that was retrofitted to become a limousine. generally speaking, how stretch -- how are stretch limousines not subject to the same safety regulations that other passenger cars are subject to? when you're talking about kind of the protections within the vehicle, what could be different

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