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ETERNALS And FREE GUY Will Skip Disney+ Premiere Access And Release In Theaters ONLY

ETERNALS And FREE GUY Will Skip Disney+ Premiere Access And Release In Theaters ONLY
It's now come to light that both
Eternals and
Free Guy will forgo a Disney+ Premiere Access release and debut in theatres only. This would seem to suggest that Disney has ended its dual-release strategy.
RorMachine |
It looks like
Black Widow's underperformance at the box office has resulted in Disney making some big changes to its current dual-release strategy.
A recut version of the
Eternals trailer (there's no new footage) aired during Monday night’s Tokyo Summer Olympics, and it confirms that the Phase 4 adventure is set to debut “Only in Theaters November 5.”

Uber, Lyft plans to adjust revenues amidst rising Delta variant in the US

Uber, Lyft plans to adjust revenues amidst rising Delta variant in the US
When ride-hailing companies like Uber, Lyft, and others just started to make up for their lost revenue. After having a strong Q2, the increase in Delta Variant complicates their efforts, by increasing uncertainty. As the variant spreads as fast a Chicken Pox, people are avoiding taxis or other kinds of common transportation. Additionally, the companies are focused on luring drivers back with safety measures and other requirements.
Image credits-
Initially during the second quarter, Uber, Lyft was able to lure drivers with incentives. Because the pandemic has cost many jobs, left many people unemployed for a long time as per Analysts at KeyBanc Capital Markets. The data showed that there is an expected price drop of 5.5% in fares to $14.5 as minimum fare.

El bloqueo de vías se mantiene en Huaquillas, en el segundo día de paralización

El bloqueo de vías se mantiene en Huaquillas, en el segundo día de paralización
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Las vías de acceso a Huaquillas (El Oro), como el peaje y la ruta que conecta con el cantón Arenillas, continuaron bloqueadas este martes 3 de agosto de 2021. Los gremios de comerciantes y transportistas piden medidas de recuperación económica para el cantón. Foto: Cortesía / Andrés Campos Revista Independiente de Huaquillas.
Redacción Guayaquil (I)
cantón fronterizo mantiene el
paralización indefinida, a la espera de atención por parte del
reactivación económica. Entre las principales está la

Area Doctor Says COVID Breakthrough Cases on The Rise

Information released by Prosser Memorial Health (PMH) Emergency Department on Tuesday, August 3 indicates some doctors believe Delta is the culprit (the new COVID Strain) for increasing case counts, and they are beginning to see what are called "breakthrough" cases.
Dr. Robert Wegner is the Emergency Medical Department Director at PMH, and he says 80 percent of the COVID strains in the U.S. are the new Delta variant.
He said in the last two weeks, PMH has seen a dramatic increase in "COVID positive patients."  Dr. Wegner reported:
"We are not directly testing our positive cases for Delta Variant but based on how the behavior of COVID has changed, I suspect that the Delta Variant is prevalent in our community."

Using technology to predict the Delta variant

Published August 4, 2021, 7:49 AM
Several sources have published that the COVID-19 variant B1617 also known as the Delta variant appears to affect children more. Thanks to Alex Timbol for the link: We can use this finding to help Philippine Local Governments to track the Delta variant in their midst. This compliments the genomic testing that provides definite proof but may be limited and slow. Using Philippine Department of Health (DOH) data, let us show which regions have comparatively more Covid cases involving younger adults. This chart shows the rate of growth of cases for Regions where younger patients (0 -19 years old) cases spiked:

Duluth Fire Stations Closed to the Public Effective Immediately

Duluth Fire Stations Closed to the Public Effective Immediately
On Tuesday, August 3, the Duluth Fire Department made an announcement that continues a disturbing trend.
Because of the increasing Delta variant threat and an increase in COVID positive cases in St. Louis County, the Duluth Fire Department announced that, effective immediately, they have closed all Duluth Fire Stations to the public.
This is an unfortunate turn of events as they had just opened back up to the public on August 1 after being closed for fifteen months for precautionary reasons related to the pandemic that we'd hoped to have in our rear view mirror by now.

Is Governor Cuomo Considering Mandatory Vaccine Policy for NY

Could New York Governor Andrew Cuomo soon put a vaccine mandate in place?  According to the Hudson Valley Post, on Monday, August 2, 2021, he said,
Everybody is talking about mask policies right now, but I don't believe a mask policy is going to be enough - we need to talk about a vaccination policy.
Although more than 70 percent of the people in the state have received at least one vaccine dose, with the rapid spread of the Delta variant of COVID-19, it's looking like more drastic measures could be enacted.
Here in Western New York, our 7-day average for positive test results as of Sunday, August 1, 2021 numbers are 3.19 percent.  That's up .10 percent from Friday, July 30, 2021, which was 3.09 percent, according to the Governor's website.

Fort Bend ISD parents create petition to continue virtual learning

Fort Bend ISD parents create petition to continue virtual learning
Some Fort Bend Co. parents concerned about lack of options for school education amid COVID pandemic
FOX 26 Reporter Tiffany Justice spoke with some parents about what they're doing to make sure students have the choice to continue their education virtually or in-person.
FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas - On Tuesday, Fort Bend County Judge, KP George raised the county’s Covid-19 risk level to orange, and according to the county’s health department, new cases and hospitalization numbers are going up. The new trend is putting parents on edge as a new school year looms. 

SID SALTER: Return to the Neshoba County Fair wonderful, yet strange

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Five Innovative Stocks to Buy for Growth Industry Breakthroughs

Five Innovative Stocks to Buy for Growth Industry Breakthroughs
Five innovative stocks to buy give investors an opportunity to profit from advances occurring in growth industries.
Among the five innovative stocks to buy are the world’s largest lithium miner, the developer of a pharmaceutical to treat people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a cryptocurrency brokerage firm and two cancer treatment providers. The five innovative stocks to buy are the combined recommendations of two former Wall Street professionals who shared their picks during the recent Global Financial Summit held as part of the FreedomFest conference in Rapid City, South Dakota, drawing a record 2,700-plus attendees.

Walmart Once Again Requiring Employees to Wear Masks

The Delta Variant of COVID-19 is bringing on some changes.
Super store Walmart has announced that they are revising their mask policy, once again requiring staff to mask up. Affective as of Friday, July 29th all employees in areas with high COVID-19 infection rates including those who are vaccinated are required to wear masks.
According to KWTX, Walmart is using the CDC's COVID-19 tracker to stay up to date with the-19 infection rates. As of right now Bell, Bosque Coryell, Freestone, Hamilton, Hill, Lampasas Leon, Limestone, McLennan, Milam, Navarro, Robertson and San Saba counties are showing high levels of community transmission.

Delta variant of COVID-19 driving spikes in cases in La Crosse, throughout Wisconsin

Delta variant of COVID-19 driving spikes in cases in La Crosse, throughout Wisconsin
Between July 5th and July 29th, cases rose 826% in the state
August 2, 2021 6:41 PM
On July 18th there was 14 active cases in those counties.
As of last Wednesday, it was a little more than four times that number.
Staff cite the Delta variant for the spike.
“The unknown is what is going to be around every corner still until we emerge. When can we plan on that? I don’t think we know. The virus isn’t writing a textbook for us. We’re sort of watching and writing the textbook as we go,” said Gundersen Health System infection control team director Bridget Pfaff.

COVID-19 Morning Report

Florida Breaks Records for COVID-19 Infections and Hospitalizations
On Saturday, July 31, Florida experienced the highest single-day total number of new COVID-19 infections since the start of the pandemic with more than 21,600 new cases. Florida has become the national epicenter of the pandemic, accounting for one in five new cases across the country.
On Sunday, Aug. 1, Florida broke another previous record, reporting the highest number of patients hospitalized with the coronavirus in a single day since the start of the pandemic more than a year ago.
The AP reports, data from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services says 10,170 people in Florida are hospitalized with a primary diagnosis of COVID-19.

Reporte de COVID-19 en Argentina: más de 11 mil casos de COVID y 274 muertes en un día

Reporte de COVID-19 en Argentina: más de 11 mil casos de COVID y 274 muertes en un día
El país superó las 106 mil muertes desde que llegó la pandemia. Crece la preocupación por la posible circulación comunitaria de la variante Delta. El Ministerio de Salud informó que la ocupación de camas UTI es del 52% en el país.
02 de agosto, 2021 | 17.13
El Ministerio de Salud confirmó que, en las últimas 24 horas, se registraron 11.183 nuevos casos de coronavirus en todo el país y, además, 274 muertes. De esta forma, ya son 4.947.030 los contagiados y 106.045 los muertos desde que llegó la enfermedad. 

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