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Biden Touts Pension Plan Bailout In Continuing Series Of Small-Ball Economic Wins

What seemed an underwhelming strategy over his first 22 months in office now looks more like a winning plan since Dems did better than expected in the midterms.

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U.S. Heading Into Shallow Recession, No Respite From Rate Hikes Yet: Reuters Poll

The U.S. economy is heading into a short and shallow recession over the coming year, according to economists polled by Reuters who unanimously expected the U.S.

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10 Most Expensive Cities To Live In 2022: LA Is Only 4th

High inflation rates? Lower consumer confidence? Impacted market and energy prices? Cost of living crisis? What more in the ten most expensive cities to live in 2022?

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China's central bank conducts reverse repos to boost liquidity-Xinhua

China's central bank conducts reverse repos to boost liquidity-

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Jesse Watters Primetime

the "new york times" hasn't given their workers a raise in two years. this is the same company that savages corporate america for not raising salaries. and writes editorial after editorial demanding we raise the minimum wage now. but, joe biden's economy, "new york times" writers are losing money. and the "new york times," they don't care. all about money. the "new york times" reporters also want to be able to work from home. but the "new york times" wants it employees, you know, to come to the office three times a week. and the workers say no. that's too much. covid is still here. and it can strike at any moment. even though they are all triple boosted. and did you know the "new york times" their healthcare plan doesn't pay for fertility treatments? this "new york times" war on women is outrageous. and the "new york times" reporters they want to have babies, too. they are not sold on aoc's great

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Jesse Watters Primetime

is a revolt happening right now inside the "new york times" headquarters. over 1,000 "new york times" workers stormed out of the building today striking against what they call insulting and disrespectful contract negotiations. workers want more cash. at least a 10% bump in pay to keep up with what they call putin's pputin's price hike. which is strange because these are the same people who told us we don't have to worry about inflation. also the same people that called the biden economy historic. said it was surging. the economy has been good for the bosses at the "times." the paper added millions of subscribers handing out big bonuses to top brass. now, the workers want them to share the wealth. but the greedy executives at the "new york times" say sorry, peasant, that money is mine. the "times" swimming in profits is stiffing their reporters right before christmas.

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