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Ramaswamy Calls on Microsoft CEO to 'Condemn LinkedIn's Censorship'

GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy said that LinkedIn's "claim that their decision to censor me was an 'error'" is "laughable."

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election interference, et cetera, et cetera. >> it's not hard to imagine donald trump collecting these things. it's like trinkets and trophies. that feels very in his persona. but what i think is really interesting here is whether or not there will be political implications from this. right, like on earth one this would be bad for someone running for president, right? >> well, i seem to recall hillary clinton was occasionally -- >> disqualifying for her, lock her up. >> well, it was donald trump who was so outraged that she might have had some classified documents on her home server and he brought it up all the time. >> and listen, that was bad. >> you know what he said about it at the time? okay, listen to this just to remind you, s. e. >> we can't have someone in the oval office who doesn't understand the meaning of the word confidential or classified.

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Former Trump national security adviser warns that DEEP STATE operatives within the FBI, CIA and DOJ are planning to rig the 2024 elections

A former top national security adviser to then-President Donald Trump has issued a dire warning: The American Deep State, via the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Central Intelligence [...]

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LinkedIn censors presidential candidate who says fossil fuels 'required for prosperity'

LinkedIn, whose founder Reid Hoffman funded a 'Russian bot' hoax against GOP candidate Roy Moore & underwrote Trump accuser E. Jean Carrol's lawsuit, has locked the account of [...]

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don't say this lightly, i'm saying with donald trump, there would be a crawl on the bottom of all the media pages and on tv of everything donald trump, we were inundated and they missed the mark. last hour, you think he would get away with it again. look at the hunter laptop story, half the country didn't know what was going on. >> brooke: trump called it the biggest election interference, because information about hunter biden, the laptop, was suppressed, whether on social media, twitter officials meeting with fbi officials ahead of the election, the biden campaign getting a group of former national security officials to sign a letter that was signed off by the cia to distribute and explain the hunter biden laptop was russian disinformation. we knew this wasn't russian disinformation, the head said it was not, the fbi concurred with

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to make it seem like there was russian election interference. that's the irony here. here we have actual election interference, against someone running for office by this company, owned by the same guy trying to blame other countries for it. >> quick question on the 2024 political angle here. you know, ramaswamy clearly hopes this ignites a firestorm and galvanize people in his defense, following the trump playbook a little bit, when president trump used to be mad at twitter, used to comment on all the times they blocked him. is this going to do that for him? is this a galvanizing event? do people care enough about linkedin and this example? >> i think people have become increasingly aware of how much censorship is going on of american viewpoints. that will help someone who's made his candidacy about the harm caused by corporations. whether it's enough to take on the trump or desantis campaigns

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GOP Presidential Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy Says LinkedIn 'Locked' His Account

Vivek Ramaswamy announced that LinkedIn has "locked" his account, as it claimed he shared "misleading or inaccurate information."

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CNN Primetime

a trial date is set for donald trump. march 25th, 2024. in other words, right the middle of a presidential primary season. trump will trade the campaign trail for a new york courtroom to stand trial in the stormy daniels hush-money case. in court today, the judge made sure that the former president knew the rules about what he can and cannot say. whether he's standing on a campaign trail stage or sitting in front of a tv camera, a decision trump is already saying violates his free speech and calling election interference. and joining the table is one of trump's attorneys and the first impeachment trial, robert ray, the former head of the office of independent counsel. maggie, i want to start with the timing here because this is very significant. we knew that this could land smack dab the middle of the next presidential campaign.

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attacked the judge and the process. an hour after the hearing was over, he took to truth social and called the entire thing, election interference, basically blaming the judge for the timing of this trial to mess with his aspirations to return to the white house. i've got to tell you, there was a notable power dynamic there, where, with trump, with two american flags behind him, he was not portraying himself as the defendant in this case. i mean, i would argue that he was sort of, showing a show of how, are saying, i am the former president. you are a near judge. you've got one of like behind you, i've got to. defendants don't do this, right? for him to do this, that was a show. he was putting -- it was like muted theatrical which is extremely awkward when we have this much on the line. >> the showdown you mentioned there, who say, is an interesting one. it's going to be something a bunch of, i suspect, number of different judges will have to navigate. right now, judge marchand has to navigate it. harry, there are first intimate

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saying violates his free speech, and calling election interference. joining the table is one of trump's attorneys and the first impeachment trial, robert ray. he is the former head of the office of the independent counsel. maggie, i want to start with the timing here. this is very significant. we knew this could land smack dab in the middle of this next presidential campaign. now we know it is right after super tuesday happens, very significant time for trump. >> this is not the timing the trump team wanted to see. remember, there was going to be a lot of pretrial motions, an effort to get these charges dismissed, assuming they go ahead. this is when the trial is -- we've never seen anything like this. i have no idea how this plays politically. we know that, let alone the bigger issue is a criminal trial, and the president,

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