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No laughing matter! Morecambe and Wise mock Monty Python in newly-unearthed television footage

In television footage from 1973, Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise are asked about Monty Python.
The old school double act are less than complimentary about the cult show calling it 'boring'.

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BBC History archive project helped by Sussex Humanities Lab

RARE photographs and audio recordings are set to be released to mark 85 years of entertainment television.

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Morecambe and Wise 'bored stiff' by Monty Python

The comedy double act shared their thoughts in an unearthed 1973 interview for a student TV station.

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Morecambe and Wise had a point – Monty Python often weren't funny at all

Eric and Ernie's withering assessment of Python in a newly unearthed 1973 interview is too kind – their comedy could be as dead as a parrot

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