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Saving the Kids from County Lines

i didn't know different, but i was seeing different in friends and i was so jealous. and i think the jealousy just ate us, because i was seeing them with, you know, nice trainers and nice clothes and make—up. and when i got given the opportunity to make some money, i took it. for months, we've been given exclusive access to the work of edge north east... ..a small organisation dedicated to tackling the huge issue of county lines. no answer. - i'm worried now. dedicated to reaching and helping children who are already in grave danger... what time did she last text you? about midnight. how old is she? 15. ..already being exploited by the gangs. phone rings that's andy. and chris. if we let our guard down fora minute, _ somebody's going to i come in and grab them. and right now, it's lorna...

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Fox News at Night

producer and right cast but it'd be very risky and i'm not entirely sure. i think a show that wouldn't be able to be made today is that old disney show "even stevens" where they had the main character with probably some mental problems and they made fun of him a lot. >> i'm going to take you back always. "all in the family" and the jeffersons. they'd never have those shows because the humor back then was timely and relevant and sort of was a nice snapshot of where ameamerica was in the time. >> "leave it to beaver" wouldn't be there because of the. >> there were some serotypes that we are seeing in "seinfeld" that would be offensive today but the biggest driving force of comedians and a actors are sayig things normally wouldn't say. everybody needs to let their guard down and let that comedic nature continuing to thrive off. >> trace: your assessment? >> i was in residency medical

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FOX Friends First

something there? >> i absolutely believe he did. governor abbott with our texas guard, just deployed more military style vehicles that used to be controversial. this is such a drivers. you also know that we just had the largest seizure of liquid fentanyl in history. fentanyl, a drug that americans are just hearing about, enough fentanyl in this seizure to kill 5 million people. texas law enforcement, border patrol made that seizure. the drugs, the human trafficking, it's just beyond belief. and something has to be done. and, in texas, we are spending buildings of texas tax paying dollars and putting our law enforcement, our texas military forces on the border. defenderring the border for the rest of the country because the biden administration will not do it. >> todd: you mentioned fentanyl. they shouldn't just be hearing about it. we have been talking about fentanyl on this very show, on this very network for years now. are the fact that mainstream media is just catching on is an abomination.

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Guard killed on duty! | Daily Sun

PARYS detectives in the Free State have launched a manhunt after a security guard was shot and killed while on duty on Wednesday evening, 7 December.

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Zhejiang Golden Bulls remains unbeaten in CBA league

ZHUJI, China, Dec. 8 (Xinhua) -- The Zhejiang Golden Bulls won 10 matches off the reel after smashing the Fujian Sturgeons 104-78, while the Xinjiang Flying Tig

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CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera

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CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera

been made to russia to bring home brittney griner and paul whelan and i think he had probably been setting his hopes on that. he had been mentioning to our parents that he was thinking about, you know, where would he live when he got back. and to have all of that dashed so suddenly, i think, is probably very difficult. >> absolutely. if you could talk to paul right now, what would you tell him? >> i would say not to let down your guard. if you're going to survive for 12 more years, we will do everything we can to support you but you'll have to stay focused on every day, one day at a time. >> you know, he did express concern about being able to live to see his freedom. what concerns you most in that area? >> frankly mental. more than health. i think he's very careful with his health. although, you know, it's not like they're fed well in the prison, so that may be deteriorating and we don't know it yet but i think mentally i don't know how you continue to mentally withstand your oppressors year after year after year and i know that he does

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The Five

about to mark her 49th anniversary a beam of light for generations of students learning how to live away from home at college for the first time. the university they would not be the same without her, they decided to celebrate her honors the woman who spent nearly five decades building up students and around her. believes in the dignity of work. big way by my friend get to this moment. >> congratulations gut guts lunch ladies are really really wonderful or just mean. >> dana: she is a good one. >> greg: harold? >> harold: bless her heart. army-navy football game robbery match up this saturday. one aspect of the sne's out of this world contribute to the 54 graduates outer space. army's guard recognizes the

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Jesse Watters Primetime

been behind bars. we reached out for comment to the d.a., uncle larry. no response. is he too busy fighting off a recall. and crickets from the fetterman team as well. yeah, we did reach out to both fettermans, gisele and john, nothing. in fact, the nypd is also jumping in asking the public to identify the suspect because they think he was involved in another shooting at a bronx gas station just three days ago. that's why these gas station owners feel like there is no other choice but to bring out the big guns. watch. >> hired security strapped with a.r. 15s or shotguns standing guard or walking the property of this north filly gas station and convenience store. berry says she is on board with it? >> if you are trying to get gas, live in a bad area and only place is here and they're getting robbed all the time, i support the owner. >> over the past few weeks, he says his store was trashed by young people an atm stolen out of the store. he said his car was vandalized

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Saving the Kids from County Lines

for months, we've been given exclusive access to the work of edge north east... ..a small organisation dedicated to tackling the huge issue of county lines. no answer. i'm worried now. dedicated to reaching and helping children who are already in grave danger... what time did she last text you? about midnight. how old is she? 15. ..already being exploited by the gangs. phone rings. that's andy. and chris. if we let our guard down. for a minute, somebody's going to come in and grab them. and right now, it's lorna... her last message was 26 minutes past midnight. ..dealing with an immediate crisis — a missing teenage girl. thanks, bye. bye, bye.

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