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20 Cafes, Brunch & Dessert Places At Orchard Road – For Japanese Soufflé Pancakes, Korean Cafe Opened 24/7 –

Orchard Road is one of the to-go places during the year-end period for the Christmas lights, shopping and dining out with friends.
If you are heading to Orchard Road, this is an update of DFD’s previous entry of ”10 NEW Cafes At Orchard Road”, featuring more of the relatively new names of brunch places, cafes and dessert shops on the shopping belt.
For convenience, I listed them in order of direction from Tanglin Road to Somerset area.
Pano Kato
Tel: +65 6235 5056
Grill, Pizza and Deli at Tanglin Mall
As I was a fan of House Of AnLi, it didn’t take me too long to head over to Pano Kato located just a level below.

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