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PICTURES: When Kylie Minogue came to the BIC in 2001

She came to the BIC and made quite an impression with her live show.
After catapulting herself back into superstardom in 2000, her comeback followed a tour that included a dazzling performance in Bournemouth.
Kylie had previously fallen out of favour with pop music fans after her 1998 experimental album, Impossible Princess, failed to impress.
The crowds at the BIC were treated to a fun-packed song list made from classic Aitken and Waterman songs as well as tracks from the new album
Light Years.

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The JOE Music Quiz: Week 51 | JOE is the voice of Irish people at home and abroad

There is also a place in the United States called Area 51, which is a hotspot for UFO enthusiasts. The top-secret US Airforce base in the Nevada desert is rumoured to house aliens and their technology.
Perhaps most significantly of all, the Mayo footballers last won an All-Ireland in 1951 and we don't want to go near any discussion of the supposed 'curse' behind one of the most famous droughts in sport.
So, apart from the movie, the UFO hotspot and Mayo's last All-Ireland title, 51 has little to offer us in way of milestones. But it is the first step of the next 50 to take us onto the magical century. We just cannot cope.

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