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Perspective: The Impossible May Take A While

Rick Brooks' Perspective -- March 10, 2021
I woke up at 1:15 in the morning and reached for something boring to read so I could go back to sleep. It was a mistake. 
The book I found was
The Impossible Will Take a Little While, edited by Paul Rogat Loeb.  Its subtitle was
Perseverance and Hope in Troubled Times.  And it was perfect…and imperfect.  
Perfect because it had 52 short essays by people I have admired for years. Brilliant thinkers and writers like Alice Walker, Desmond Tutu, Diane Ackerman, Vaclav Havel and John Lewis. Arundhati Roy, and Bill McKibben.  One of the best pieces was by Parker Palmer, a former sociology professor at Beloit College.

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