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PSO warns customers against imposter utility scams

PSO warns customers against imposter utility scams
PSO warns customers against imposter utility scams
By Tiffany Bechtel | March 3, 2021 at 5:29 PM CST - Updated March 3 at 5:29 PM
TULSA, Okla. (TNN) - Public Service Company of Oklahoma is taking advantage of National Consumer Protection Week to educate customers on imposter utility scams.
PSO wants customers to avoid falling victim to a scam by being aware of the four common signs of an imposter.
These signs include caller claiming to be with PSO demanding an immediate bill payment, insisting on a specific form of payment, such as a pre-paid debit card, asking for personal or account information, and providing an unfamiliar 800 or 888 number.

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AG - Utility Imposter Scams

Utility Imposter Scams
Have you ever received a call from a utility company claiming that your bill is overdue and if you don’t pay now, your power, heat or water will be turned off? That is the last thing you want in Michigan’s cold winters or hot summers. Scammers know this and will pose as utility company employees to trick you into providing money, personal or financial information. 
Michigan consumers are targeted by Utility Imposter Scams every day and increase as we approach the holiday season. This year is even worse due to the ongoing financial impacts of COVID-19. Attorney General Dana Nessel wants to help Michigan consumers recognize potential bad actors posing as utility workers, whether  in-person, by phone, text, or online.   

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