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Covid 19 coronavirus: A year without income from Broadway - how actors, artists, entertainers are faring

Covid 19 coronavirus: A year without income from Broadway - how actors, artists, entertainers are faring
13 Mar, 2021 12:56 AM
7 minutes to read
Broadway performer Max Kumangai holds a bag promoting his company Humpday Dough in New York. Photo / AP
By: Mark Kennedy
A year ago, Max Kumangai was dazzling crowds with a jolt of live Broadway excitement. Now he's doing it with his bread.
The triple threat from the musical "Jagged Little Pill" has leaned into a fourth skill as the pandemic marches on: baking and selling his own sourdough.
From his Manhattan apartment, Kumangai delivers $15 bread loaves or $8 focaccia slices from his Humpday Dough company on foot or via subway.

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Killing of Al-Badar chief, major jolt to militancy, big success for SFs: IGP Kashmir

Killing of Al-Badar chief, major jolt to militancy, big success for SFs: IGP Kashmir
Srinagar, Mar 10 (UNI) A top police officer on Wednesday said that the killing of Al-Badar chief Gani Khawja in an encounter is a major success for security forces and a big jolt to militancy as he was instrumental in reviving the militant outfit in the valley, including recruiting youth, planning attacks and receiving new groups from across the Line of Control (LoC).
“The killing of Khawja is a major success for security forces because he is the one, who on the behest of Pakistan activated Al-Badar in 2020. He succeeded in recruiting much youth in the militant ranks. All the militants belonging to Al-Badar, who were killed in recent encounters, were recruited by him,” Inspector General of Police (IGP), Kashmir, Vijay Kumar told reporters during a press conference here on Wednesday.

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Portugal's Rebates Lure Foreign Shoots, Power Domestic Production

Portugal's Rebates Lure Foreign Shoots, Power Domestic Production
Martin Dale, provided by
Portugal’s cash rebate scheme, introduced in 2018, is attracting major international productions and new production outfits and facilities, and providing significant leverage for domestic film and TV productions.
Shoots slowed during the pandemic, with several projects lensed in bubbles, but production is expected to surge in the second half of 2021.
More from Variety
The current cash rebate is tabbed at 25/30% of eligible production spend and may be upwardly revised in the near future.
€22.5 million ($27.5 million) in total cash rebate has been disbursed since 2018, roughly equally split between international shoots and 100% Portuguese productions and co-productions.

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Hawkeye Star Jeremy Renner Reveals New Photo of Lucky the Dog

Hawkeye Star Jeremy Renner Reveals New Photo of Lucky the Dog
Jeremy Renner has been busy filming
Hawkeye, the upcoming Disney+ series that will see the return of Clint Barton and the debut of Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop. However, Renner and Steinfeld are not the only stars who have been working hard in New York and Atlanta. Jolt the Golden Retriever has been cast as Lucky the Pizza Dog, who appears to be playing a big role in the series. Fans first caught a glimpse of the professional pup back in December and many have been following his journey on Instagram. Jolt has not posted in a few weeks, but Renner just shared a new photo of his canine co-star.

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Craig Cooper: Cancelled festival jolt to Hawke's Bay's 'naive complacency'

Craig Cooper: Cancelled festival jolt to Hawke's Bay's 'naive complacency'
16 Feb, 2021 03:59 AM
3 minutes to read
Patrick Dingemans, 81, has become so frustrated at watching shoppers ignore QR codes, he has lobbied supermarkets and large retailers to locate the QR code at checkouts.
Patrick Dingemans, 81, has become so frustrated at watching shoppers ignore QR codes, he has lobbied supermarkets and large retailers to locate the QR code at checkouts.
If Hawke's Bay needed a jolt to remind us of the impact of Covid 19, we got it.
Here we were thinking ''poor old Auckland'' and relaxing in level 2 complacency.
The iconic Art Deco Festival has been cancelled for the first time since its inception.

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Tourism New Zealand's Rene de Monchy on getting Kiwis travelling

Tourism New Zealand's Rene de Monchy on getting Kiwis travelling
11 Feb, 2021 04:43 AM
6 minutes to read
Hot Water Beach on the Coromandel. Kiwis have flocked to the area. Photo / Supplied
Aviation, tourism and energy writer for the NZ [email protected]@gbradleynz
Almost a year since international travel was thrown into chaos, Tourism New Zealand's boss says Kiwis need a jolt to get out and see their own country.
And René de Monchy says that although
there is still plenty of international interest in this country, New Zealand can't use its handling of the pandemic so far as an overt marketing tool.

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diocese. he was a pastor there, very close to the people. and he's continued that. he's simply changed the color of his robes right now, and the world is paying attention to every move, every word, every gesture. those of us who were used to him in buenos aires are not at all surprised with this. but i can tell you that it does send some jolt through the system here which is so deeply rooted in tradition, and beautiful ceremonies and following the book. and pope francis is telling us, the book is very important, but there's even something more important. be faithful, be close to the people, smile, and take things as they come. >> tell me what kind of a leader you think you'll be and what his priorities will be in terms of leadership within the catholic church. of course, are the issues facing the bureaucracy of the church and the vatican, there are also issues facing the masses, especially here in the united states, who would like to see -- they would like to see more done

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is that the forced spending cuts were across the board and they were arbitrary. so this does give agencies, at least some of them, some ability to mitigate that, but not all. >> all right. well, at least it's a temporary measure and you'll have something to talk about in the next -- in the months to come, right? >> oh, yeah. absolutely. always do. >> always do. dana bash, thanks so much. energy drinks are a popular way to get that jolt you need to get through the day, but do you know how much caffeine you're really getting? now a big change is coming to those familiar cans of monster energy. is it enough? [ nurse ] i'm a hospice nurse. britta olsen is my patient. i spend long hours with her checking her heart rate, administering her medication, and just making her comfortable. one night britta told me about a tradition in denmark, "when a person dies," she said, "someone must open the window so the soul can depart." i smiled and squeezed her hand.

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listeners and more money. the company's last quarter was stronger than expected financially. and pandora is forecasting better than expected revenue this quarter. pandora shares are up almost 20%, trading today around $14 a share. caffeine heads, i know i have my cup of coffee in the morning. we all have now a new way to get our jolt. wait for it. caffeinated gum. wrigley going after adults with its new alert energy caffeine gum. alert is a -- apparently has the same caffeine as half a cup of coffee, the same bitter taste, even though it comes in fruit and mint flavors and it costs $2.99 for eight pieces. wrigley's branching out as sales of energy drinks are spiking and gum sales are falling. kobe bryant was on jimmy kimmel live last night. just a couple of days after dennis rodman's visit to north korea. kimmel asked him about that. he asked bryant, would you go to north korea? here was his response? >> would you go over there and focus on stopping this potential

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nobody said i want to carry that in my pocket. when you launch something into space, electronics of any kind, weight matters because it's very expensive to put every incremental ounce if you don't have to put it there to launch into orbit. the miniaturization of electronics got a jolt of interest by the early space age. and then once you see that it's miniaturized, all of a sudden a whole new world of consumer electronics opens up that was unimagined and undreamt of before. by the way, the urge to find an economic justification, i think, is laudable, but that's not the biggest reason to do this. the biggest reason is the culture, the innovations to explore sfmroeplore space on th and everybody is thinking about it. innovation becomes just what you do. and i don't know that you can put a price tag on that. >> if you could create one project that would excite the

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electronics. no one was saying, i want to carry a tv in my hip pocket. it is a nonthought. when you launch something this to space, electronics of any matter, weight matters. it is costly to put it in to orbit. the minturization of electronics got a jolt of interest by the early space age. then once you see it is miniaturized, all of a sudden a new world of consumer electro c electronics opens up that was unimagined and dreamt of bmplt so, yes. in the urge to find an economic justification is honorable but not the biggest reason to do this. the reason is the culture it innovates foosters an invasion nation. everyone is thinking about it. innovation becomes just what you do.

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>> thank you, jake. >> coming up, if your white chocolate mocha frappuccino isn't enough to give you a jolt, it might once you realize how many calories are in it. and we say good-bye to an artist with one soulful blues ballad. e, hey that's nice! ♪ norfolk southern what's your function? ♪ ♪ helping this big country move ahead as one ♪ ♪ norfolk southern how's that function? ♪ i tthan probablycare moreanyone else.and we've had this farm for 30 years. we raise black and red angus cattle. we also produce natural gas.

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nationwide starting next week. obviously we want to know the impact you think that is. how many calories are we talking about? >> it could be a lot. people tend to underestimate their calories. underestimate it when they go out to eat and foods but they mostly underestimate when it comes to drinks, just sort of telling people this, the impact is harder to tell you about a just a little quiz here because i got some information on all of you already. got all the intel on you. kayla you like the grande latte. >> i do like my grande latte once in a while. >> a little jolt in the morning. >> just what you need. >> more energy. how bad is it? do i want to know. >> you want to guess how many calories and grams of fat? >> i'm afraid it's 500. i'll say it's 100. >> you're close, it's 190 calories. >> i'm going to keep drinking it. oh, seven grams of fat, wow. >> your average intake of

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>> alexandra steele, thank you. do you need a little more jolt in the morning? that rush at starbucks is going to cost you more next week. we'll tell you why and how much. . a woman was mauled by a tiger while cleaning that tiger's cage. you're going to hear the shocking reason that tiger got loose. lactaid® it's 100% real milk that's easy to digest so you can fully enjoy the dairy you love. lactaid®. for 25 years, easy to digest. easy to love.

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vulnerable. you c you can get the burns. it interferes with your whole electrical system. when people die from these sorts of things, it is because it causes a jolt or a burst of electricity to the heart specifically. get inside is your best bet. also, staying away from metal, water, things like that. >> it is so interesting. they talk about these kids with the burns. beside the burns, we understand they will have lasting effects. will there be other electrical issues in their body down the line? >> that's a great question. there shouldn't be. one of the things that people will do often, if you come to the emergency room and think, look, i'm fine. nothing happened to me. they will get an ekg to rule out this exact thing. did something happen to the heart that even the person who was involved does not realize yet. could that be a problem later on down the line. if that ekg is okay, and it sounds like with these boy scouts, thankfully, things are

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person to a hospital. we don't know the extent of that person's injuries as well. a lot of the pictures that you're looking at are coming from cnn i-reporters who were either at the airport or who were very near the airport. one young lady said her father was on the plane. he texted her and he also spoke with her and he said he saw it coming. he felt a jolt on the plane. he felt as if the plane was coming in too quickly and the pilot tried to bring the plane back up, to put the plane back into the air, but there wasn't enough time. again, this is according to someone who was on board the plane, and that is his picture that he sent in to his daughter right there. his daughter is eunice byrd rah, he was on that plane. she spoke to us moments a go on cnn. a press conference from the national transportation safety board was supposed to start at the bottom of the hour here on cnn, but i imagine they are trying to get all of their information together before they come out and give the news media information. of course, they want as much accuracy as possible. if you look at this picture, you can see the engine still on the

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runway. >> when witnesses say there was -- eunice behr who was on earlier said her father was on the plane and knew it was coming because it looked like the plane was coming in short and the pilot tried to go back into the air very quickly. many people who fly a lot have had mislandings where they overshoot the runway or come in too short. then you get that jolt where the plane goes back in the air. usually it works out. this one if that is indeed the case did not. >> for whatever reason. again, this is entirely premature to speculate. but they did land substantially short of the runway. and the way jet engines work and aircraft respond even if the pilot had put on extra thrust several seconds before impact it may not have been intact. >> people are asking, have been asking where and we're looking at these pictures now from our affiliate kpix out there. you see the number of people who are on this tarmac now and trying to figure out exactly

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forward of that door. we're pausing in a difficult situation here. anybody in that rear of the aircraft would have felt such ferocious impact. bearing in mind this impact was harsh enough to lose the tail of the aircraft. all right. it is a thin skilled, thin skin so it would have been a very severe jolt to those at the rear of the aircraft. those at the front would have been at far greater risk. don't forget one other point, wolf. those people at the rear of the aircraft, they may have suffered the effects of the smoke because they were trapped at the rear of the aircraft until they could get out through those emergency exits. what we've seen traditionally in accidents like this where planes have landed there's ban fire, it

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propelled. what you worry about is glass, things injuring people directly. the third type of injury is it's people being propelled against something, like a wall. in this is case, there shouldn't be too many propulsion injuries because people should have been wearing seat belts, so the rifkz lower, es spenpecially during landing. and then the fourth is burns. >> but to hit the ground hard enough for the rear of the plane, the rudder to break off the tail section of the plane, that's a pretty big jolt. >> it's a huge jolt, actually. it's enough, even with the fourth type of injury, you can have people who have heart disease, for example, having heart attacks, asthmatics having asthma attacks. a lot of different categories of injuries that can happen for sure. the crush injuries would be in that category. we don't know what types of injuries people have, but those are the four general categories you look at. >> originally they said it was a

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we just skid. it was a bang and a bounce. and then just a slam on the brakes, skidding feeling as we were trying -- you could tell they were trying to stop the plane, the pilots were doing their best to stop the plane. it was very clear as soon as we went down that something was really wrong, and we did not land on wheels. >> you didn't land on wheels at all or the nose of the aircraft? >> on the front. i was sitting close to the front and so it was just a hard impact from the plane. and then just a desperate try to stop the plane as quickly as possible. >> what does that feel like with the nose of the plane i guess just scraping along the runway. does it bounce? did you get jerked out of your seat? >> it was definitely a hard impact. you could feel a jolt to your body. the scariest part was the smell

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>> you didn't land on wheels at all or the nose of the aircraft? >> on the front. i was sitting close to the front and so it was just a hard impact from the plane. and then just a desperate try to stop the plane as quickly as possible. >> what does that feel like with the nose of the plane i guess just scraping along the runway. does it bounce? did you get jerked out of your seat? >> it was definitely a hard impact. you could feel a jolt to your body. the scariest part was the smell of the smoke, and i don't know whether the smell of the -- burning smell, maybe the asphalt and the plane. i'm not sure what that was. >> you smelled something. >> probably the most frightening part of it all. >> did the chutes automatically deploy and everyone -- or did the pilot say anything for the people to evacuate or how did that work? >> it was a little bit -- not

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younger, perhaps more able sons and daughters. that's in the going to happen here. the queen of england is not going to abdicate. this is the kind of thing that gives a jolt of life, a jot of hope. a jolt of real pleasure. a sense that all is right with the world because we do live in a very difficult world, difficult times with not just the financial crisis but with wars all over the place, natural disaster. so many children who we report upon on a daily basis who are the victims of the most terrible crimes and devastating diseases sometimes and the kind of slaughter that we see in syria. this is what people see every single day on their newspapers and televisions and online. this kind of story is so important for that reason as well. it's kind of antedote to the hardship and cynicism that we live with. people are longing for something

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stop the plane as quickly as possible. >> what does that feel like with the nose of the plane. i guess just scraping along the runway. does it bounce? did you get jerked out of your seat? >> it was definitely a hard impact. you could feel a jolt to your body, the scariest part was the smell of the smoke, and i don't know whether the smell of the -- burning smell, maybe the asphalt and the plane. i'm not sure what that was. >> you smelled something. >> probably the most frightening part of it all. >> did the chutes automatically deploy and everyone -- or did the pilot say anything for the people to evacuate or how did that work? >> it was a little bit -- not being in the situation ever before, fortunately, i'm not sure exactly how it normally goes, but it was a bit of a delay. the -- we weren't really sure what to do, they actually, i think kept the doors closed

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military action will security american national security, and he goes on to say preserve america's credibility and deter the future use of chemical weapons. what he's trying to do here is kind of be the voice of not just republicans, but also some democrats who are raising a lot of questions. this is a very odd time, because congress has been gone from washington for weeks, not coming back for two weeks, so he is -- he's doing this to try to sort of jolt the president to not just being more aggressive and consulting with congress, which then has some concerns he hasn't done enough of you but also making the cake to the american people. people out there are very war-weary, and even though chemical weapons is a big deal, they're not sure this is the right thing to do. >> they've been in recess now for week, not coming back for several more days. any chance that they could come back, reconvene to deal with this kriz in syria?

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of defunding obama care until i am no longer able to stand. >> hamming it up. senator ted cruz reads "green eggs and ham" to his kid during a marathon senate floor speech to protest obama care. he can't actually block a vote but can his party stop him? president of iran, day views on the stage but can the world trust him. a male gorilla at the dallas zoo going to therapy for being a jerk to females. kicked out of his bachelor pad and sent to a new home for bad behavior. >> your "new day" starts right now. this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. a little hump day jolt of caffeine. good morning, welcome to "new day." it is wednesday, september 25th, 6:00 in the east. a lot to get to this morning.

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invested in the market, how to interpret this information. we thinks that the net outcome of this for the next two weeks is going to be essentially a lack of volume going through the market. we really -- we really seeing an absence of direction here. without wanting to -- without wanting to be vague, i think the markets are very, very confused. one thing that is actually not confusing is the risk appetite is very, very low right now. >> right. during the last shutdown, way back in 1995, the markets just suffered a jolt and that lasted about a month. things are very much different in 2013. so much fragility out there in the world. it could be anyone's guess just how much of a pull back we might see. >> yeah, for sure. i think first just based on this shutdown, i don't think it's unreasonable to expect the markets to hold up. but what it does, i think, make more likely is the tapering and

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in case you missed it, there was an added jolt of drama. a woman walked up to the front of the house chamber and started showsing about jesus and the freemasons, and how the house is divided. we're told she's a longtime stenographer, who apparently just snapped. she was removed to the capitol, taken to the hospital for evaluation. more on the shutdown fallout right after this. (son) ok. feat. (dad) all right. that's ok. (dad) put it in second, put it in second. (dad) slow it down. put the clutch in, break it, break it. (dad) just like i showed you. dad, you didn't show me, you showed him. dad, he's gonna wreck the car! (dad) he's not gonna wreck the car. (dad) no fighting in the road, please. (dad) put your blinker on. (son) you didn't even give me a chance! (dad) ok. (mom vo) we got the new subaru because nothing could break our old one. (dad) ok. (son) what the heck? let go of my seat! (mom vo) i hope the same goes for my husband. (dad) you guys are doing a great job. seriously. (announcer) love a car that lasts. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.

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we're seeing that nervousness play out in the short-term bond market. i want to quickly paint you a picture of what the u.s. is facing if congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling. it's all about choices. who gets paid. who doesn't. it's about prioritizing. so the treasury would likely run about a third short of the money it needs to pay everything from this coming friday and november 15th. treasury secretary jack lew is meeting with president obama and vice president biden should a debt deal fail. like we've been saying on an on, lew says he's out of the extraordinary measures. congress, get your act together. it's ridiculous. >> even if we reach a deal, we're doing it again in january and february. >> lawmakers are the worst procrastinators. they get a jolt out of pushing

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to washington? >> they need to work for us and listen to us and work together, both parties have to work together and quit blaming each other. >> feel what the people feel, you know, put yourself in our shoes. >> unhappy voters. before the break, we were talking about how gridlock in washington is starting to trickle down to main street. we're now starting to see consumer confidence slipping. joining me again, investment strategist scott blier and certified financial planner karen lee. talk about what people should do to get ready for a jolt to the economy. what do you think that should be, scott? >> well, the first thing you should do is as karen said, always have some cash. now, not everybody can give themselves a cushion of cash. what happens, if you're not tied to the gdp, sit back, watch,

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device. he worried that terrorists might find a way to hack that device and send a deadly jolt to his heart, killing him. if you're like me i know what you're thinking. this sounds exactly like homeland. this was a plot in the "homeland" tv show. cheney was asked about that and the he said that was accurate portrayal of what was possible. this interview will air again tomorrow night on "ac 360" at 8:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. >> wow. this morning we are hearing more now from ted cruz, the republican senator who helped lead the fight that led to the government shutdown. he tells our dana bash in an cnn exclusive he sticks by his call for obama care to be done away with. when asked if he is running for the white house, he said he is focused on being in the senate. >> i get that everyone wants to talk politics. >> you know, some trips to some

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still have about a day and a half until we hit the debt ceiling according to the u.s. treasury department. that timetable got a jolt on the senate floor today. listen to this. >> mr. president, the debt is here. the deadline is looming. rating agencies are talking about downgrading us as early as tonight. >> as early as tonight. so harry reid says this could be an all of all of situation as early as tonight. let's talk about that very ominous statement with our own richard quest who is joining us from new york. is he right? coo there be a downgrading of the u.s. credit rating as early as tonight, richard? >> i don't know whether it could

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morning, thank you. former vice president dick cheney was apparently worried that terrorists would kill him by hacking into a device that was keeping him alive. in an interview with our dr. sanjay gupta that aired first on cbs "60 minutes," cheney said he had doctors disable a wireless feature on his implanted heart device. he worried that terrorists might find a way to hack that device and send a deadly jolt to his heart, killing him. you may remember this. john and i, we know this episode. this is an episode of the tv show "homeland," that used that exact possibility that cheney was talking about as a plot point. cheney said that was an accurate portrayal of what was possible. this interview will air again tomorrow night on "ac 360" at 8:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. >> that is so unrealistic. that could never happen. >> i think when people saw that saying that could not happen. ted cruz is not making his

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traffic accidents, flooding, as well as in a tornado. in canada, the storm brought ice that toppled trees and led to transformer fires. 250,000 people in toronto alone republican currently without power. and much of the country is in for temperatures well below normal. dangerous windchills they'll be facing, as well. that's not all. chad meyers will break it all down for us. this isn't a sort of merry christmas when we're talking about weather. >> no, when you don't have power and you have a windchill factor of 25 degrees below zero outside, that's not christmas at all. so maybe help out your neighbor if you know of something like this going on. 11 below, this is the air temperature in fargo. 6 below in sioux falls. when you blow the wind and it touches your face, it feels like 16 degrees below zero going from your car to the mall can be a real jolt. we are still seeing' little bit of rain across the east coast. jfk, layardia and philadelphia a little bit slow. nos as icy.

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it is the bottom of the hour. thank you so much for the champagne and for coming to join us on "new day." anna has a look at some of the top stories. making news this morning, mother nature once again. we're ending 2013 with another deep freeze. people in the eastern half of the country expected to feel the coldest jolt that they've had so far this season. parts of north dakota, minnesota, wisconsin, and michigan, not expected to climb above zero. forecasts show subzero temperatures in new england and upstate new york as we head into the new year. some late developments from north dakota this morning after two trains collided just west of fargo. this powerful explosion followed a couple of trains that collided, leading to mass evacuations. thousands have been forced from their homes and crews this morning are testing the air for toxins.

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world record? >> you know they practice and bring the pyrotechnics in for that. but in dubai, you get one shot. you don't want to do that over and over again. >> beautiful fire work. >> and music synchronized with it as well. >> thank you for giving us an excuse to get our champagne out early. >> it's out. >> and the glasses. >> it's warm, but it's here. it's ours. >> back here in the united states we are bidding fathrewel to 2013 with another deep freeze. getting hit with the coldest jolt we've endured so far this season, the worst of it hitting the midwest and upper midwest. people there have to deal with a round-the-clock subzero conditions. minneapolis, 18 degrees below zero tonight. that's what it will feel like. 7 degrees in chicago. 11 in boston. 21 right here in new york city. that is where we find jennifer gray in for indra petersons, watching the forecast from a chilly times square.

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>> as people mainfully watch, there isn't going to be any big jolt to the economy one way or the other. the most we are going to do is avoid catastrophe. or reduce the deficit or provide stimless in the short-term. the fed is a significant player here in terms of the way the levers that washington has. this policy has been controversial. it is fueling another bubble with the stock and housing markets and it tends to avoid investors and borrowers. but that is the principle means that washing than has had to influence the way that things go

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up to be prospective astronauts. if all goes according to planned, four people will land on mars in 2025, but they can never come back. the voyager i probe became the first human object to leave the solar system. it launched its twin, voyager ii, in 1977. the study of human evolution got a jolt.

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turned to 2014 in auction land. hundreds of thousands turned out. you can hear the cheers and the music and the sounds and a fantastic fireworks display. they had a wonderful l.e.d. clock lit up in the sky so everyone around the city could see the countdown happen. >> those fireworks went on and on. >> who was responsible for those fireworks? >> gandolf. >> he's a father to be sure. >> two minutes after the hour right now. back here in the u.s., we are closing out 2013 with another dose of dangerous arctic air. it is cold. people in the eastern half of the country now feeling the coldest jolt so far this season. parts of the upper midwest are enduring around the clock subzero temperatures. in minneapolis -- look at that, minneapolis, i can't even say it because it's so scary, 18 below we'll feel like there.

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worked with him saying what he meant to them and it was jim carrey who said something that struck with me. philip seymour hoffman was sober for 20 or 23 years before this particular episode. jim carrey wrote "for the most sensitive among us, the noise can be too much. bless your heart." and that's such a poignant way to look at it. >> such a tragedy. sober for 20 years before suffering a relapse over the last year. it just goes to show what an insidious drug heroin can be and how difficult addiction is. i think this is affecting a lot of people. >> i think so, too. >> 36 minutes after the hour. a jolt of winter is hitting the western u.s. right now. snow is falling in parts of california and idaho. in the eastern half of the u.s., don't get too comfortable, either, guys. more winter storms coming, really this morning. >> so, the big question is, who will get hammered? more than 800 flights have already been canceled around the united states. meteorologist chad myers is here with the details. and so many of the airlines are now precanceling flights when they see your forecast, they just cancel. >> when they see 8 to 10 for

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in the east. you better get ready for it because it's coming whether you like or not. a jolt of bitter cold will not only be dangerous, could make history. let's take a look at the map here at the midwest, plains already in the grip. much of the southeast, including the gulf coast will be feeling the arctic blast. schools shut down in chicago with wind chills well below zero. in dakotas, wind chills with visibility near zero, blowing snow making travel difficult if not impossible. and air travel could be a nightmare. more than 600 cancellations so far today. let's bring in indra petersons watching it all. >> we're talking about wind chills this morning that are deadly. look how dangerous these are. if you're in chicago today, it feels like 40 below. and it's expected to make its

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>> that is looking at the glass half full, right? no word on how long the weekend sessions will continue in virginia beach. in the skies over billings montana, the united airlines flight instantly turned from routine to down right terrifying. violent turbulence seized and trashed the airliner and the 199 people on board. the jolt was so unexpected, a baby flew from its mother's arms but the baby is unhurt. three crew members and two passengers were taken to local hospitals. >> i felt the plane kind of bank to the right a little bit and then it felt like we got hit from the bottom. i was scared. it was really scary. >> there was a lot of screaming and a lot of hollering. >> nobody was really expecting and i do mean nobody. i think the flight crew was in the same boat we were. >> there was a guy in front of me actually that lifted up and hit the ceiling of the plane and came down on the other side on the lady across the i'll. >> wear your seat belts. one flight attendant is still in

Source :

>> get out of the health care business, the education business, stop hammering american industry. my fellow conservatives, the future of nation is upon you. it belongs to you. you have the power to change america. you have the power to speak to our newest hopes and our age-old dreams. you are the path to the future alike on a distant shore. you represent the renewed hope that america can be great again. god bless you! god bless this great country we live in! >> reporter: so, as you can see from the reaction from the crowd, jake, he was the first speaker. almost as if they didn't need to have their coffee. he gave them such a jolt with the way that he spoke. it really did stand out as we

Source :

bit. first let's update you on a couple major stories right here in the united states. first there's a lot of shaking going on in southern california right now. multiple earthquakes, all within a 24-hour period. the latest happened just a few hours ago. l.a. county. that's near rowland heights. last night, 5.1 magnitude, orange county, city of el habra. stephanie elam joins us live now. stephanie, the first aftershock this morning? >> yeah, there were actually a bunch last night. in fact, i followed this one little twitter handle that tells you all the earthquakes that are happening. it was going crazy last night after the 5.1 earthquake rolled through. it really did roll. it was kind of a rolling earthquake as opposed to the one on st. patrick's day in the morning which was more of a jolt. a little bit harder. not to say there wasn't damage. as you can see, there was some damage. overall, it wasn't a very large earthquake. we saw some maybe vases being broken, plates broken. some rocks coming down. one section on a street there.

Source :

immediately move in, coordinate with all these other countries and execute the plan that we trained for and that's what we're doing now. >> we're proud out there. commander william marks thank you so much for joining me this morning. >> thank you. we do have a bit of break being news out of california. a large earthquake was felt there. paul, what happened? >> well, it was significant enough to rattle my house and a couple of yards. the other indicator is a backyard pool started sloshing with water. it was a jerky motion from side to side. i live in the east san fernando valley so whenever you're on the inside looking out you have no idea how widespread it was. but it was a strong jolt. >> as you look out your window can you see any damage? >> no.

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