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St. Anthony: Driven Minnesota entrepreneur's three-salon business still growing

Melanie Richards, raised by an accomplished single mom and a state trooper grandfather, has always focused on women, including 35-employee goGlow.

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Some SD Moms Are Demanding Action On Guns, And One Resident's Painful Memory

In the Moment, April 29, 2021 Show 1038.
Closer Look: SDPB's Victoria Wicks brings us a special feature on the proceedings at the SD Supreme Court regarding marijuana in South Dakota.
We take a look at yesterday's SD Supreme court proceedings on marijuana in South Dakota.
Guns in South Dakota: South Dakotans Karen Pettigrew and Tiffany Thoelke from 'Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America' join us to talk about how everyday citizens can influence the public conversation about gun safety.
Katy from Sioux Falls talks about the death of a classmate and how it influenced her view of guns in the home.

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MRINetwork Appoints Annette Wehrli As Senior Director, Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness

MRINetwork Appoints Annette Wehrli As Senior Director, Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness
Wehrli Will Oversee Continued Development of the Firm's Unique Succession Planning Curriculum for Member Companies
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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Feb. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- MRINetwork announced today the promotion of Annette Wehrli to the position of Senior Director, Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness. MRINetwork is a leading executive recruitment firm with over 300 affiliate offices nationwide and internationally.
With this promotion, Wehrli will join the firm's leadership team alongside Bert Miller, CEO; Joe Mullings, Chief Vision Officer; Nancy Halverson, SVP Global Operations; Jessica Hollander-Torres, VP Marketing; and Todd Simpson, CFO.

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