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City officials may put homeless camps outside vacant schools

The $2 million plan came out of a hearing to address how federal pandemic relief should be spent in St. Louis.

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Neighbors, law enforcement crack down on secret COVID-19 parties across LA

Neighbors, law enforcement crack down on secret COVID-19 parties across LA
Neighbors, law enforcement monitor possible superspeader events amid deadly shooting
LOS ANGELES - "We are stepping in because something has to be done," says Nancy Hannah, from, which has started a reporting hotline for Angelenos living next to rental homes being used for the illegal, large parties that seem to be exploding in Los Angeles.
Hannah says they received complaints about a home off Redesdale in Silverlake, which is listed as a short-term rental.
Just this weekend, FOX 11 undercover cameras were at a downtown warehouse party, where a 25-year-old was shot dead and two people were taken to the hospital. LAPD says they are still investigating the incident.

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