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Hopes that new accessibility icon a sign of the times

A Springfield Collegiate Institute teacher organized an unusual field trip to the Oakbank school...

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People with disabilities remain unseen, unheard in mainstream media, says advocate

"Often, the entertainment industry is oblivious to disabled people on the cultural continuum," says Nancy Hansen, director of the University of Manitoba's disability studies interdisciplinary master's program. "Our absence is largely unquestioned."

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$10,000 in Grants Available for Women Alpinists; Act Fast

GRIT&ROCK makes $10,000 in grant funding available to women alpinists or female-led climbing teams worldwide. Applications are due soon.

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Teacher alleges ableism in union survey

A student services educator is calling on the Manitoba Teachers’ Society to both retract a sur...

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Diversity should include people with disabilities

WHEN did disability disappear from diversity? Given that the employment rate for those living with d...

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5 Ways To Teach Kids The Financial Values They'll Need

5 Ways To Teach Kids The Financial Values They’ll Need
By Satta Sarmah Hightower
Whether children are 6 or 16, it’s never too early or too late to teach them ways to think about—and handle—money.
It’s difficult to know when it’s the perfect time to have the money talk with your kids, but in some cases they may signal they’re open to the conversation.
But where exactly should you start? We talked to a group of financial professionals and distilled their wisdom into five practical tips for how to educate your kids about money at different ages. 

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County plans permanent tribute to 'natural leader' Peter Hansen by renaming County Board room

UNION GROVE — Peter Hansen, a business owner who rose to the highest levels of Racine County government, is being remembered as a selfless public servant.
Hansen, who served more than 30 years in local and county government, including as county board chairman and county executive, died April 27 at the age of 72 following a three-year battle with cancer.
In recognition of Hansen’s years of service, county officials are considering renaming the County Board meeting room as the the Peter L. Hansen Racine County Board Chambers.
Just two days before Hansen died, he was visited at his home in Union Grove by a who’s who of Racine County politics, including County Executive Jonathan Delagrave, who told Hansen of the proposed renaming honor.

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