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Manitoba builds on mental health services by developing five-year action plan

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The action plan, touted by the province as shaping priorities and setting direction, will focus on five key areas, including evidence-based, data-driven services, service access and co-ordination, substance use and recovery, population health and wellness and service governance and accountability.
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“Over the years it’s been really clear in our community there’s a great need for mental health services,” Nancy Heinrichs, executive director of NorWest Co-op Community Health said in a press conference on Monday. “The demand continues to grow. We’ve experienced a 500% increase in requests for mental health counselling from January 2020 to March 2021. The main presenting problems of people walking through our door, or recently onto our screen, are around anxiety and depression.”

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Province announces plan to make mental health plan

Winnipeg Free Press
Mental Health, Wellness and Recovery Minister Audrey Gordon.
The province is hiring a consultant to help create a five-year action plan for delivering mental health services in Manitoba.
The province is hiring a consultant to help create a five-year action plan for delivering mental health services in Manitoba.
"A lot of work and many reports have been commissioned in the last several years, including the VIRGO report, the Peachey report and the illicit drug task force report," Mental Health, Wellness and Recovery Minister Audrey Gordon said at a news conference Monday in Winnipeg.
Some of those reports' recommendations have already been implemented, she said.

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Manitoba creates action plan as post-pandemic mental health presents major issue

service governance and accountability.
"The five-year action plan will help shape the strategic priorities of my department and set the direction for years to come," said Gordon.
"The government role will be to provide overall direction to improve access to and the co-ordination of the system, and support the work of the service delivery organizations and community-based agencies that provide direct patient care."
The province is looking to hire a consultant to lead consultation sessions with internal and external stakeholders, including service delivery organizations, community agencies and other departments. The minister said this will be done by the end of summer.

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