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International Perspectives on Undergraduate Research - Policy and Practice | Nancy H. Hensel

International Perspectives on Undergraduate Research
Policy and Practice
Features contributions from over a dozen countries including Australia, Egypt, Brazil, South Africa, Germany, France, and Canada
First book-length study that surveys the international scope of undergraduate research
Addresses differences in emphasis, program implementation, funding and policies that make the study of undergraduate research  a resource for future program development and implementationsee more benefits
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This edited volume explores how undergraduate research and research-based teaching is being implemented in countries around the world. Leading educators come together to discuss commonly accepted definitions of undergraduate research, country-specific models and partnerships for student research, university policies and practices to support faculty and staff who engage students in research, and available assessment data that supports the effectiveness of undergraduate research as a means to increase student engagement and academic achievement. As undergraduate research has spread around the world, professors, administrators, and policymakers benefit by learning about other approaches and models of undergraduate research.

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