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Eight County Rec Centers Will Open March 1 on Limited Basis | Montgomery Community Media

Eight County Rec Centers Will Open March 1 on Limited Basis
Not only are some Montgomery County Public Schools opening March 1. So are eight of the county’s community recreation centers.
County officials announced Friday that residents may schedule a time to use the fitness and other rooms without joining a class. Instructor-led in-person classes began Feb. 16.
Residents must have a Fit N Play Pass to reserve a fitness room or gym activities. Residents can purchase a six-month Fit N Play pass for $55. Passes are free for those 17 years and younger.
“Getting our residents back in our facilities safely is one our highest priorities,” said Montgomery County Recreation Director Robin Riley. “COVID-19 has been hard for everyone and recreation and physical activity is a great way for people to manage their stress, get healthier and feel better. This next step, in reopening in a safe limited basis, is great for people who are looking for a full workout or a family looking for a class, fun activity, or just to let their kids jump rope or run around and play.”

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