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Thames gunner named NZDF Soldier of the year

New Zealand’s ‘Soldier of the year’ says caring for his mates is “just the way Mum and Dad brought me up”. Thames man Jake O’Hara is a Lance Bombardier with...

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Israel Hamas war: Israeli who confronted Hamas attackers was then killed by soldier

Seconds after Palestinian gunmen began shooting up a busy Jerusalem bus stop last week, Yuval Castleman raced towards the scene and opened fire on the...

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Woman performs push-ups with soldiers in sub-zero temperatures. Watch | Trending

Fitness coach and Instagram user Neha Bangia shared the video on Instagram where you can see her doing pushups alongside a soldier.  | Trending

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Opinion: Sexual violence is the hidden crime of war. But we must not look away

In Israel, Ukraine, Sudan and beyond, horrific sexual crimes have been perpetrated against women – yet are being seen as sidebars to wider conflicts

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'Need husbands, sons': Russian women protest long soldier deployments in Ukraine

Europe News: A grassroots movement in Russia is challenging the official argument that mobilised troops are needed in combat indefinitely. Women in various cities

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How did NZSAS soldier Nicholas Kahotea die? US special forces report delivers new and confronting verdict

A US inquiry into the death of an NZSAS trooper says he died after tripping on a pipe then falling from the top of an NZ Defence Force building commonly used...

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The Supreme Court confirms 8 months in prison for a soldier stationed in Great Britain who teleworked from Spain without permission | Spanishvida

The Supreme Court (TS) has confirmed the eight-month prison sentence imposed on a lieutenant colonel of the Air Force stationed in Great Britain for abandoning his destination and residence after having been teleworking from Spain without permission for eight months between 2020 and 2021. The magistrates have agreed as an accessory penalty the suspension of

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