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Glitter Magazine | Jordan Fisher Cast on the CW's 'The Flash'

Jordan Fisher is heading to Central City as Bart Allen in a recurring guest role on the CW series, The Flash.

Superhero Bits: Stay in Tony Stark's 'Avengers: Endgame' Cabin, 'Batman: The Long Halloween' Voice Cast & More

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Who is among the voice cast for
Batman: The Long Halloween? How much does it cost to stay in
Tony Stark‘s cabin from
Avengers: Endgame? Who is the next speedster coming to
The Flash this season? Has
Invincible already been renewed for a second season? How long is this week’s episode of
The Falcon and The Winter Soldier? Want to see a real
Iron Man 2 briefcase suit? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.
Supergirl is back, and here’s a promo for “A Few Good Women,” the second episode of the sixth/final season.

JUSTICE SOCIETY: WORLD WAR II Interview: Armen Taylor On His Personal Connection To Jay Garrick And The JSA

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JUSTICE SOCIETY: WORLD WAR II Interview: Armen Taylor On His Personal Connection To Jay Garrick And The JSA
Justice Society: World War II star Armen Taylor talks to us about his very personal connection to the role of Jay Garrick, being a mentor to Barry Allen, his future hopes for the original Flash, and more!
JoshWilding |
Justice Society: World War II arrives on streaming platforms on April 27th, 2021, and hits 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray and Blu-Ray on May 11th, 2021. This next entry in the DC Animated Universe sees The Flash thrust into the midst of an epic battle between Golden Age DC Super Heroes the Justice Society and Nazis for an adventure that definitely doesn't play out the way you might be expecting. 

The Flash Movie Will Reportedly "Lend Clarity" to DC's Future Justice League Plans

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This afternoon brought shocking news to DC fans as Warner Bros. announced that the previously announced New Gods movie and the Aquaman spin-off The Trench were no longer moving forward. The Hollywood Reporter broke the news and with it offered some more bits of information about other DC projects. [...]

The Flash recap: Season 7, Episode 5, "Fear Me"

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Cecile is the first to detect the new villain, as she hallucinates a straightjacketed, purple-eyed fiend urging her to come home. Joe initially dismisses it as a nightmare, but he’s the first to suggest a Freddy Kreuger meta could be responsible. At STAR Labs, the gang already has its hands full. First, there’s the issue of Caitlin and Frost having been split into two separate beings. Next comes a lightning storm that expels the Speed Force in its human form, that of Barry’s mother Nora. (Why the new Artificial Speed Force would still have the same persona as the original, now-dead one is not really something we’re supposed to think too deeply about, I guess.)

The Flash Showrunner Teases Killer Frost's Reaction to New Season 7 Villain

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The Flash Showrunner Teases Killer Frost's Reaction to New Season 7 Villain
The Flash's seventh season in full swing and Team Flash back to some semblance of normal with Eva McCulloch/Mirror Monarch (Efrat Dor) bested and everyone brought home from the Mirrorverse this week, fans are starting to look ahead to what's next for the Scarlet Speedster. One thing on the horizon is a new ice villain. It was announced earlier this year that former
Shadowhunters actor Jon Cor would be joining the cast in a recurring role as Mark Stevens/Chillblaine, but with this new bad guy having cold powers similar to that of Frost (Danielle Panabaker), fans are curious as to what that dynamic will be like and now series showrunner Eric Wallace is weighing in.

Superhero Bits: Vintage-Style 'WandaVision' Comic Art, 'Zack Snyder's Justice League' Making-Of Special & More

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Stargirl? What character does
Kevin Feige say about the rumor of
Chris Evans coming back as
Captain America? All that and more in this edition of
Superhero Bits.
The Flash season seven.
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier that didn’t happen.
There’s a new villain in town. #DCStargirl returns this summer on The CW!
Here’s a look at the villain
Eclipso, who will be wreaking havoc during the second season of DC’s
Zack Snyder’s Justice League on HBO Max will be followed by a 30-minute special on the making of it.

Justice League Snyder Cut Endings, Explained

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Justice League Snyder Cut Endings, Explained
Long movie, never-ending epilogue.
Photo Credit: HBO Max/Warner Bros.
Justice League gather in the Snyder Cut ending
Justice League Snyder Cut has several endings. A bit fitting given the DC movie — which released Thursday on HBO services and video-on-demand platforms worldwide — feels like several movies packed into one, which is why it runs for 4 hours and 2 minutes. As I said in my review, Justice League Snyder Cut is so long that even the ending takes forever. After the Justice League defeats the big baddie, we go through several false endings as part of the epilogue chapter titled “A Father Twice Over”. It's exasperating. There are no actual post-credits scenes — for all intents and purposes, that's essentially what most the epilogue scenes are — but that's only because Zack Snyder has included everything he could think of in Justice League Snyder Cut's epilogue.

The Snyder Cut Is Actually Good? + What Will 'Secret Invasion' Be About? | HOT 99.5

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By @Infinite_Pods
Mar 18, 2021
It's FINALLY HERE! The Snyder Cut is upon us! Join Hoody and Kevin as we get you ready for the new version of Justice League and give you last-minute details on The Falcon And The Winter Soldier! We also pitch the MCU's "Secret Invasion" show in our new segment "Pitch It!" Plus in the DC Check-In we're sharing our honest thoughts on Batwoman, Black Lightning, The Flash, and more! All that and more in this Thursday episode with the Crisis Crew!
New Episodes of Crisis on Infinite Podcasts come out every Monday and Thursday! Make sure to rate us and subscribe to us on your platform of choice and send us a secret message and we'll read it out loud on next week's show!!

Justice League Snyder Cut Drops a Major Hint About the DC Films Multiverse

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Justice League Snyder Cut Drops a Major Hint About the DC Films Multiverse

Zack Snyder's Justice League drops a major door-opening hint about the larger DC Multiverse that's coming. Truth be told, there are quite a few ways that Zack Snyder lays the groundwork for future DC films to exist within a larger Multiverse, which will be at the center of
The Flash movie, and could affect many other DC franchises, going forward. However, to hammer the foreshadow home for even the most obtuse viewer. Snyder goes so far as to name-drop the multiverse in a line of dialogue. Admittedly, there is quite a bit of DC universe exposition in

The Flash: Here's How Season 7 Deals with Ralph Dibny

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Last year,
The Flash was hit with a shocking casting shakeup when Hartley Sawyer was fired from the series due to offensive social media posts. At the time, fans were left wondering how the series would handle Sawyer's character as Ralph Dibny/Elongated Man had become an important part of Team Flash. Then, last summer, series showrunner Eric Wallace revealed that the role would be recast for a brief appearance in Season 7 in order to tie up loose ends and write the character out of the series for the immediate future while also concluding Sue Dearbon's (Natalie Dreyfuss) story as well. Now, in this week's episode, "Mother", that promised resolution arrives. Here's how they did it.

The Flash recap: It's a full blown Mirror invasion with Speed Force twists

This Mirrorverse storyline has been a palate cleanser from the typical big bads Team Flash has faced in the past, with Eva seemingly thinking she’s able to use her powers and knowledge to help the world instead of rule it. Her methods were just a bit on the ruthless side, but hey, she did do some good along the way. All that changed this week, though, as Eva leveraged her pod person mirror-clone abilities to literally turn most of Central City into pod people — seeding the real world with her Mirror-people and sending the real people to the Mirrorverse.

Bulletproof Video - South Africa: Episode 1

Stream Bulletproof free on The CW.

The Flash Video - The Speed of Thought

Stream The Flash free on The CW.

What is the Snyder cut and how can you watch Justice League in Australia

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The wait is over.
After more than three years of fan lobbying, the fabled Zack Snyder's Justice League has been released.
Here is your guide to the movie that almost never happened.
How can I watch in Australia?
Zack Snyder's Justice League was released in Australia on subscription streaming service Binge on Thursday, March 18 from 6:00pm AEDT.
This coincided with the global premiere so you fans didn't miss out while the rest of the world watched.
The movie is a whopping four hours long — or 242 minutes to be exact.
That makes it one of the longest films ever released in Hollywood (a full 41 minutes longer than Peter Jackson's formidable The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King).

Bulletproof Video - Episode 6 | Stream Free

Stream Bulletproof free on The CW.

Bulletproof Video - Episode 5 | Stream Free

Stream Bulletproof free on The CW.

Justice League Snyder Cut Final Trailer Sets Up Zack Snyder's Four-Hour Epic

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With Justice League Snyder Cut out this week (release date is March 18), Warner Bros. and HBO Max have unveiled a new (and final) trailer for Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

We Made It To 250 Episodes!! - Crisis #250 | HOT 99.5

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Join Hoody and Kevin as we celebrate making it to 250 episodes, figure out if Black Widow will still release in theaters, and more in the latest Crisis On Infinite Podcasts!

CW Spotlight Video - Do You See Me Now?

Watch the CW Spotlight series on The CW.

'The Flash': Billy Crudup Departs Film, Maribel Verdú Joins Cast

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'The Flash': Billy Crudup Departs Film, Maribel Verdú Joins Cast
Rebecca Rubin, provided by
The Flash may be losing a father, but the Scarlet Speedster is gaining a mother.
Maribel Verdú has been cast as Barry Allen’s mom in “The Flash,” a character that’s expected to play a pivotal part in the upcoming comic book adventure. At the same time, Billy Crudup is departing the project and will no longer portray The Flash’s dad due to scheduling conflicts for the Apple TV Plus drama “The Morning Show.”
More from Variety
“The Flash,” the first standalone adventure for the character following appearances in “Justice League” and “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” features Ezra Miller as the eponymous speedster known as Barry Allen. The cast also includes Sasha Calle as Supergirl, Ben Affleck as Batman and Michael Keaton as (another!) Batman. Kiersey Clemons also recently joined the cast as Iris West, a romantic interest of The Flash.

The Flash Movie Will Recast Barry Allen's Father After Billy Crudup Departure

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Earlier this afternoon brought the news that the upcoming The Flash movie from Warner Bros. Pictures had lost a key cast member as The Hollywood Reporter revealed Billy Crudup would not return to the part of Dr. Henry Allen, father to Barry. Crudup not appearing was due to a scheduling conflict [...]

The Flash movie casts Maribel Verdu as Barry Allen's mom, loses dad Billy Crudup

The upcoming Flash movie has added Maribel Verdu to play Nora Allen, the Scarlet Speedster's doomed mother, but has reportedly lost Billy Crudup as his dad

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