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U.S. monitoring reports of Chinese warships at Cambodian base

Radio Free Asia reported on Tuesday that Chinese warships had arrived at Cambodia's Ream Naval Base.

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When the sheriff leaves town

During the Cold War, the United States and the Soviet Union, in opposition, served as the world’s de facto police. Since then the U.S. has largely carried on that task alone. But in recent years, as the Russia-Ukraine and Hamas-Israel conflicts illustrate, the pessimistic view has gained ground that the fundamental framework of the international order is collapsing. The growing fear is that the world is becoming more lawless in the absence of U.S. assertiveness.

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How Founders In Geographies With Less Growth Capital Can Secure US-Based Investments

In the current market, founders who can't build a scalable business with local investors can get attention from U.S.-based VCs by making meaningful connections, showcasing their product-market fit

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Godzilla smashes U.S. record as top-earning Japanese live-action film

'Godzilla Minus One' made over $14.36 million as of Tuesday, surpassing the previous title held by 'The Adventures of Milo and Otis.'

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Foreign Governments Spying On Phone Push Notification Data, Senator Claims

U.S. senator Ron Wyden has accused foreign governments of demanding data from Apple and Google to allow them to spy on smartphone users.

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U.S. Army Moves To Mobilize Command Posts

In high-intensity combat, if you don't stay on the move you are likely to become a casualty.

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U.S.-made Boeing bombs dropped on Palestinian civilians

U.S. weapons giant Boeing was responsible for munitions that destroyed two family homes in Gaza and killed 43 civilians, according to a damning new report. The Amnesty International report said there were no military targets near the site of the attacks.

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Biden Administration Releases Policy To Seize Drug Patents Based On Price

The Biden team has released a plan for federal officials to use "march-in rights" to seize the patents of drugs they deem overpriced.

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Taiwan looks to expand U.S. trade deal to counter isolation

The island’s trade officials are talking with their U.S. counterparts about broadening the scope of their current arrangement, reached earlier this year.

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