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Couple gets married at US-Canada border to allow bride's Canadian family to attend wedding

Couple Relocates Wedding to U.S.-Canada Border So Bride's 96-Year-Old Grandma Could Attend

ACLU report accuses Michigan Border Patrol agents of racial profiling

Canada begins phased border opening

When or when will that darn U.S.-Canada border reopen?

Canada seeks more COVID vaccines as more than 37K go to waste in Michigan

International Lawmakers Question Why U.S.-Canada Border Remains Closed Amid Vaccine Ramp-Ups

Trudeau: Canada Is In No Rush To Reopen The U.S. Border

U.S.-Canada border rules 'likely to change' June 22, but no official word yet

New CDC Guidance Makes It Clear: Time to Reopen Canada U.S. Border, Congressman Says

Rep. Higgins pressuring U.S. officials to take action to reopen U.S.-Canada border

Canada Extends Border Restrictions

US-Canada border | News, Sports, Jobs - Adirondack Daily Enterprise

Biden Extends US/Can/Mex COVID Border Restrictions til April 21

Cut off from the rest of America, a small town endures lockdown

COVID-19 hotel quarantine: Exemption for 'essential' medical travel confuses doctors, patients

Cross-border families struggle to adapt to a new normal

Canada's latest COVID-19 travel rules ruffle feathers among snowbirds south of the border

Canadian agents bust trucker at Montana border crossing with record 500 pounds of meth

Chamber Welcomes Border Talks

Biden's executive order looks to reopen US borders with Canada and Mexico

Biden's executive order looks to reopen U.S.-Canada borders

Trudeau extends closure of U.S.-Canada border through February

Peace Arch park brings cross-border couples together, despite COVID-19 rules

Trudeau extends U.S.-Canada border closure for non-essential travel until January 21, 2021

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