Detailed text transcripts for TV channel - BBCNEWS - 2020100

Detailed text transcripts for TV channel - BBCNEWS - 20201009:16:57:00

so, just a touch of rural frost possible first thing saturday morning. saturday brings us a similar day to what we had on friday. again, we've got that high pressure out to the west, low pressure in the east but it will be a little bit windier. we've got a few more isobars on the map and those winds coming in from a northerly and northwesterly direction, so feeling fairly fresh there throughout the day. this line of persistent, heavy showers making their way across england and wales during the course of the day followed by sunshine and for the showers rattling in from the north—west. there will be some drier weather through the day particularly for parts of southern scotland later on. perhaps on the south coast of england, you should avoid most of the showers but it will feel quite chilly, 11—14 degrees, particularly chilly down that east coast and we still got the breeze around east coast into sunday as well. perhaps one or two showers for eastern scotland and eastern england but for much of the uk, sunday brings us the better day of the weekend, a lot of dry weather on the cards. some sunshine coming through not quite as breezy as saturday so it will feel perhaps a little bit warmer, about 11—15 degrees or so for sunday. looking ahead through next week then we soon see a return to low pressure

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