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Big smiles from jockey Masa Hashizume after Zabmanzor's win at Ōtaki

The massive smile on the face of jockey Masa Hashizume at Ōtaki yesterday said it all. The 28-year-old was grinning from ear to ear coming back to scale, so...

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Brewery Arts Center's Artisan Shop Artist Spotlight on Suzy Musil | Carson City Nevada News

The Brewery Arts Center is proud to feature works by Carson City beadweaving artist, Suzy Musil. Through her art, Suzy creates necklaces, brooches, bracelets, whimsies, all available at the Artisan Shop inside the Brewery Arts Center.

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'Will become stronger': Jehovah's Witnesses look to overcome attack | Latest News India

Blasts triggered by improvised explosive device (IED), allegedly by 57-year-old Dominic Martin who claimed to be an estranged member of Jehovah’s Witnesses sect | Latest News India

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View: Indians need to smile more; it can be very beneficial for all concerned

Ask most Indians when they last spontaneously smiled at strangers or even known people and the answer would be, "Not recently." And if that Indian is female, it would be an unequivocal, "Never!" Urban Indians rarely bare their pearly whites in a welcoming manner and it has nothing to do with their emotional quotient. Rural Indians are far more likely to smile or reciprocate if someone beams at them, including those they do not know, such as tourists or visitors.

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Carson City DJ competes in national competition, seeks community votes

Wedding Wire is hosting an online voting event called "Weddi Awards" for several categories such as Innovation and Creativity, Customer Excellence, and Professional Achievement where wedding vendors have been nominated and are accepting public votes. One of such vendors is Justin Thistle with JustincredibleDJ Entertainment.

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Erwin veteran to receive new smile worth $50,000 in dental surgery from Johnson City dentist

A local veteran received the gift of a lifetime Wednesday morning. A Johnson City dentist surprised him with a free dental surgery worth $50,000.The moment Navy

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Senator Square: Carson High School 2016 Carneta yearbook available Monday

The excitement is intense and contagious at Carson High School as students strive to make sure they get a copy of this year’s award-winning Carneta yearbook, volume number 94. A mere seven days of school are all that remain and students are focused on the conclusion of the 2015-2016 school year at Carson High.

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Times Are Tough, But What If

by Michelle Latham Source: Everyone followed the 3/50 Project whenever possible?The 3/50 Project is one that starts with you.

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Movember: Burger eating contest to raise money for men's health

Carefully manicured mos will get a monstrous workout this weekend, with a burger eating contest set to put a saucy smile on more than a few faces. Calories...

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