Transcripts for MSNBC Morning Joe 20201009 12:21:00 : vimars

Transcripts for MSNBC Morning Joe 20201009 12:21:00

below 94%. he has shortness of breath, he's getting treatment as though he has covid-19 pneumonia. that's all consistent. he has the diagnosis. he's coughing, you know're righ there's lots of reasons for cough. but he's just getting over pneumonia. it's all consistent. in that clinical stem, his own cdc issues a guideline saying you need 20 days of isolation if you've had severe consequences from covid-19 pneumonia or severe covid-19 pneumonia the classical definition, meaning even if he's symptom free. it doesn't matter. he can still be shedding virus for up to 20 days after the onset of symptoms, so the earliest he should be in any way engaging with anybody outside of a bubble in the white house masked, distanced of course, in any case is towards the end of this month, certainly not tomorrow, and it's unconscionable that his doctor is willing to put a white coat behind this crazy notion that ten days is enough.

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