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News Broadcasting & Digital Standards Authority slaps ₹50k fine on News18 for "communal" debate programme on Karnataka hijab matter

The authority said that while the broadcaster was permitted to debate the issue after the Karnataka High Court’s decision, the problem lay with the narrative and tilt given to the program.

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You Won't Believe Who Agreed to Pay Texas Tech's $50,000 Fine

After the Big 12 gave its ‘public reprimand’ and fine of $50,000 to Texas Tech after this weekend’s storming of the field, Tech fans are fed up.

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QC asks candidates to refrain from using plastic campaign posters

(PNA file photo) MANILA -The Quezon City government is urging all political candidates for the May 2022 elections to refrain from using plastic or polyethylene materials in their campaign paraphernalia. In a statement issued on Friday, the city's Department of Sanitation and Clean-up Works (DSQC) reminded candidates of City Ordinance 2202-2013 which prohibits the use of polyethylene or plastic advertisement and propaganda materials within the territorial jurisdiction of the city. DSQC Chief Richard Santuile said the ordinance has been in effect since 2013. "Due to the volume needed during election season, plastic posters are everywhere as they are cheaper than polyvinyl chloride (PVC). But these are also the materials that litter the city for years after the elections are over," Santuile said. Two of the most commonly used materials for campaign posters include polyethylene or plastic and PVC or vinyl. Santuile said the plastic types usually end up and block creeks and other tributaries that eventually cause flooding, especially during the rainy season. He added that plastic advertising and campaign materials are among the most frequently collected during their cleanup activities. "When the city banned these materials, it was because of their long-term negative impact on our environment. Even broken down or torn pieces increase the risk of flooding, especially now that heavy downpour is unpredictable and can happen even in the heat of summer," Santuile stressed. Earlier, the city government started removing illegal advertisements that are posted outside of common poster areas designated by the Commission on Elections (Comelec). Department of Public Order and Safety (DPOS) chief, Elmo San Diego, said that for the month of March alone, they have already confiscated a total of 24 truckloads equivalent to 21 tons of advertisements and posters made of plastic. Despite this, he said there are still plastic ads and posters collected during routine clearing operations. Because of this, he said the city will further intensify its operations and penalize violators. San Diego said that on the first offense, the individual will receive a notice of violation; a fine of PHP3,000 and three-day community service for the second offense; and a PHP5,000 fine and a three-day community service for the third offense. For corporations violating the ordinance, a notice of violation will be given for the first offense; a PHP3,000 fine for the second offense; and a PHP5,000 fine, and the revocation of the Mayor's Permit to Operate for the third offense. (PNA) }

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Man charged with buying gun for Rittenhouse takes plea deal

The man who bought Kyle Rittenhouse an assault-style rifle when he was only 17 has agreed to plead no contest to contributing to the delinquency of a minor, a non-criminal citation, and avoid convictions on the two felonies he’d been facing.

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