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Downtown Disney Is Selling A Fried Pickle Corn Dog With Peanut Butter | STAR 102.9 and 107.7

By Tara Soudbaksh
Apr 5, 2021
Disney Parks is always serving us amazing new snacks, and the latest item that people can't stop talking about is called a Pickle Corn Dog.
At the Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs cart in Downtown Disney, you'll find a selection of massive corn dogs. One of those corn dogs was recently featured in a blog post from Disney Parks: the Pickle Corn Dog.
The Pickle Corn Dog is multi-layered. At its core is a hot dog, which is stuffed inside of a dill pickle, which is coated in batter and fried to create a crunchy panko crust.

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Coffee Flavored Sparkling Water Is Here | KIIS FM

S. Pellegrino has unveiled coffee-inspired sparkling water flavors. Yep, you read that right.
This marks the first time in Pellegrino's 120 plus years that it's stepped out of its signature fruity brands to a coffee flavor. 
You can pick up an eight-pack to try for yourself at Target or on Amazon. Check it out below:
Do you think you'd want to try coffee-flavored sparkling water? 
Image via Getty

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Husband Fake Proposes All Over Disney World Just To Annoy His Wife | KIIS FM

It's a good thing this couple is already married.
A TikToker shared a video of all of the times her husband has fake proposed to her during their Disney vacay.
In the video you can see she's mortified and embarrassed but that doesn't stop him. He randomly drops to one knee at various places throughout the park. 
Users are reacting to the fake proposals saying "Omg this makes me so anxious. After the second time I just would have flown home by myself". Another user wrote "Tell me you have social anxiety without telling you have social anxiety".

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