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This Week's Weird News 6/11/21 | 104.1 the Edge

An enormous dinosaur species found in Australia, a mermaid blamed for tragedies in Jamaica, and an eerie ghost encounter n Singapore are among the strange, unusual, and enlightening stories to cross our desk this week.

The Edge Pet of The Week 6/7 | 104.1 the Edge

Check out this week's Edge Pets of the Week, Dreamcast and Indica. They are in need of loving homes and are available for adoption at the Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department.

IF YOU ARE HORRIBLE at Grilling... Reynolds Wrap is Giving Away $10,000! | 104.1 the Edge

I have the ninja for a reason. This seems FUN thou - I am in! I have plenty of stories. @DJmeltaylor

Live Anywhere on Airbnb- 12 People Will Win!!! How cool! | 104.1 the Edge

Jun 10, 2021
Live Anywhere on Airbnb offers 12 individuals and up to three companions each the opportunity to live exclusively in listings on Airbnb for approximately one year.
Whether you are looking to join Zoom meetings by the beach, take your family on the ultimate road trip, or learn a new language in a favorite city—this program is for you. We’ll ask that you share your experiences with us which could help shape the future of travel and living on Airbnb.
Airbnb will provide accommodations and a transportation allowance for the duration of the program.

This Week's Weird News 6/4/21 | 104.1 the Edge

Revelations concerning the forthcoming Pentagon UFO report, a teenager who saved her dogs from a bear, and an 'alien entity' spotted in India were among the strange stories to cross our desk this week.

"Wedding Crashers" Sequel w/Original Cast Starts Filming In August | 104.1 the Edge

By Klinger
Jun 3, 2021
The sequel to 2005's Wedding Crashers not only has the green light but starts filming in August. Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Rachel McAdams, and Isla Fisher have all signed on to return. At this time we've got not title to the movie or a release date but with filming set to start in August, that is all the pacifier we need!
If you think that a sequel is a bad idea or that they will never recreate the laughs of the original, I get it. BUT what IF the follow up is 50% as funny? I say it's worth the watch!

Woman Pushes Bear Off Of Fence In Backyard For The Win! | 104.1 the Edge

By Klinger
Jun 1, 2021
The fact that this woman hauled ass out of the house to push a big ass bear off of a fence makes her a superstar! Never mind that she has 1000 dogs that were taunting the bear, she was protecting her family!

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot: June 4th Is "Rise Against Day" | 104.1 the Edge

Four days until we get to buy the new Rise Against record Nowhere Generation! The band formed in Chicago in 1999 and have been crushing bad ass music ever since. Mayor Lori Lightfoot is calling June 4th "Rise Against Day" in Chicago as they drop their 9th record.

This Week's Weird News 5/28/21 | 104.1 the Edge

Possible thermal images of Australia's Bigfoot, a 9/11-themed bar, and a man in Spain who died inside a dinosaur statue were among the strange and unusual stories to cross our desk this past week.

The Edge Pet of The Week 5/25 | 104.1 the Edge

Check out this week's Edge Pets of the Week, Iago and Anzai. They are in need of loving homes and are available for adoption at the Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department.

Previously Unreleased Song Between Slash and Chester Bennington Surfaces | 104.1 the Edge

When GNR bad ass Slash was recording his solo record back in 2010, he collaborated with a superstar list of incredible musicians. Chester Bennington and Slash recorded a song called Crazy that, until now, had been unheard.

Postponed Again! Rammstein North American Tour Will Arrive In 2022 | 104.1 the Edge

By Klinger
May 24, 2021
Rammstein just postponed their North American tour until 2022. Like many bands, Rammstein wants to play it safe b/c of Covid. This certainly puts a wrinkle in plans for sure but if you've already got a ticket, it will be valid for next year.
You can imagine all of the moving parts of putting a stadium tour together, ultimately safety is priority number one. As fans of live music, their is no lack of good news! Between now and the end of the year loads of bands will gas up tour busses and pull trailers filled with bad ass instruments so we can get back to seeing shows.

BAD ASS CAT ALERT: Cat Jumps Out 5th Floor Window Of Burning Building | 104.1 the Edge

By Klinger
May 16, 2021
Check out this bad ass feline deciding his best move was to jump out the window of a burning building in Chicago. Chicago Fire Department kicking ass on the scene and taking a video when all of a sudden this cat jumps out of a 5th story window, bounces on the ground and walks off!
We've got two rescue dogs and a rescue cat. Walker (named after The Walking Dead) runs this house and keeps rules over the dogs. His nickname is Mob Boss, if the cat is sitting in the hallway our dogs won't even try walking around for fear they might have an unpleasant encounter with him!

This Week's Weird News 5/14/21 | 104.1 the Edge

By Tim Binnall
May 14, 2021
A bevy of Neanderthal bodies discovered in Italy, a case of 'foreign accept syndrome' out of Australia, and the first crop circle of 2021 are among the strange, unusual, and enlightening stories to cross our desk this week.
This past week featured something of a paranormal milestone as the first crop circle of 2021 was found in the United Kingdom. Embossed into a field of rapeseed in the village of Stanton St Bernard, the curious formation consists of a series of triangles that some observers have likened to an origami pinwheel. Officially marking the start of crop circle season in the United Kingdom, the design is undoubtedly the first of several strange and mysterious formations which will appear throughout the world over the next few weeks and months, raising the seemingly age-old question of whether they were made by humans or visitors from another world.

Guy Steals 336 BEERS- Then Tries to Return it - Uses Wife as EXCUSE! | 104.1 the Edge

May 14, 2021
A guy in Ohio stole 14 cases of Bud Light from a grocery store earlier this week . . . and then he tried to return them by saying his wife bought the wrong beer. The store wouldn't take back the beer and they called the cops when they figured out it was stolen. Now the cops are trying to track down the guy.
Check out the story and grocery surveillance pics

Gov. DeSantis signs alcohol delivery bill into law | 104.1 the Edge

May 13, 2021
Gov. Ron DeSantis signed an alcohol delivery bill into law on Thursday at a restaurant in Ormond Beach.
The law will allow services Floridians to take alcohol to go. It also allows food delivery services to deliver alcohol.
Check out the entire story

Chicago Fights Rat Infestation By Releasing Feral Cats To Handle The Job | 104.1 the Edge

By Klinger
May 13, 2021
GREAT IDEA ALERT!! Rats run wild everywhere and Chicago has been dealing with a rat infestation forever! Orkin just named our beloved city of Chicago the rattiest city for the 6th year in a row!! Cats are superstars at hunting rats. The Tree House Humane Society in Chicago releases feral cats on the regular to keep the rat situation in check.
It is simply responsible to capture feral cats in a safe manner, have them spayed or neutered (clip the ear so you can tell they've been fixed) and then release them back outside. My wife and I were a part of a program in DC where feral cats who were fixed would be released outside with the purpose of keeping the rat population at bay. The Cats At Work program in Chicago works the same way and provides a safe alternative to rat bait by having a cat that keeps rats from coming around.

The 100 Best Sitcoms of All Time - Up for Debate! | 104.1 the Edge

Want to know more about Mel Taylor? Get their official bio, social pages & articles on iHeartRadio!

$75M Of Cocaine Busted On Drug Submarine Near Puerto Rico | 104.1 the Edge

By Klinger
May 3, 2021
BUSTED! What a ball buster this had to have been for the cocaine barons. A semi-submersible sea-going vessel stuffed with cocaine was caught cruising the open waters near Puerto Rico.
Talk about a badass partnership between U.S. Customs and Border Protection Air and Marine Operations agents and the superstars of the U.S. Coast Guard. They nailed this homemade semi-submersible with about 2500 kilos of cocaine (5512 pounds) valued at $75M! What do you think the captain of this vessel thought when he saw the entourage of agents ready to kick some ass if they didn't cooperate? I am not sure if this boat had a name or not, perhaps it should have been called "Cocaine For Life," or "Pablo's Candy?" When I owned a fishing boat we called it "The Basshole." I know, I know, I was the a$$hole in the Basshole!

This Week's Weird News 4/30/21 | 104.1 the Edge

An alleged interview with Sasquatch, a 'crab humanoid' caught on film, and a UFO landing case wherein a chupacabra seemingly exited the craft were among the strange and unusual stories that captured our attention this past week.

The Edge Pet of The Week 4/26 | 104.1 the Edge

Apr 29, 2021
ID# A1827108 – Mary is a 10 year old, White, Domestic Shorthair mix. Mary is an outgoing senior kitty with a sunny disposition. He is super affectionate, gives head bumps and soft meows to let you know how much he loves and wants attention. When he is not asking for love, he is quite the explorer. If you would like to make Mary a permanent part of your family, please visit her at the Eastside shelter. 
ID# A1645621 – Cami, is a 9 year-old,
Black, Fila mix. Are you looking for the sweetest gentlest dog ever?? Cami is the one! Her friends say that she would make the best companion ever. She is housebroken, rides well in the car and is super easy to walk on the leash. Cami would love to go on daily walks and to chill by your side. She is very used to being indoors most of the time, that would be the ideal home for her. Come and meet Cami today at the Eastside shelter.

Home Covid tests have FINALLY started hitting stores like Walmart and CVS | 104.1 the Edge

Apr 27, 2021
You can now buy a Same Day Covid At Home Test online at CVS,Walgreens, and Walmart for $23.99 suggested retail price, plus shipping. The tests are being shipped to retail stores this week, so you should be able to find the kits on physical store shelves soon.
I think that this is going to make things much easier if you need to get a test quick or if you have any symptoms, etc...
Photo- Getty Images

Disturbed To Drop Comic Series And "The Guy" Action Figure in 2021 | 104.1 the Edge

Disturbed will be diving into the world of action figures and comic books in 2021. The Guy has been Disturbed's mascot for 20 years and this is the year he will get his own action figure. Piling on more good news, the band is also releasing a 5-part comic book series, Disturbed: Dark Messiah.

Dog Outruns Leader In Track Relay Race For The Win! | 104.1 the Edge

The 2021 Grizzly Invitational in Logan, Utah had a 4-legged winner in one of the relay races. Gracie Laney from Logan High School was leading the final leg of the 4x200 relay when she felt something running up behind her. Turns out it was a dog named Holly!

This Week's Weird News 4/23/21 | 104.1 the Edge

By Tim Binnall
Apr 23, 2021
A phantom lumberjack on a reign of terror in England, an eerie dashcam video from Australia that may show a ghost child, and a bowler who threw a perfect game using a ball containing his late father's ashes were among the strange and unusual stories to cross our desk this week.
This past week saw a pair of puzzling videos make news and leave viewers scratching their heads. First, in Florida, a homeowner could not believe her eyes when her home security system captured video of a mysterious creature that seemed to resemble a baby dinosaur dashing through her yard. Meanwhile, down in Australia, a motorist cruising down the highway was shaken when he nearly hit what appeared to be a small child in the middle of the road. The unsettling incident, which was filmed by his dashcam, took a strange turn when it was revealed that police were informed of the near-miss and spent hours searching for the tot, but found no trace of the child, leading some to suspect that it could have been a ghost.

Dominos Testing Self Driving Robot To Deliver Pizza | 104.1 the Edge

By Klinger
Apr 23, 2021
I consider myself a champion for all pizza delivery technicians. You drive your own car, pay for your own gas and just want to make a living through tips. Dominos is testing a self driving robot car to deliver pizzas to customers. How does this make you feel?
I am a fan of technology BUT what does this mean for those who can pick up a delivery job and work for tips with ease? Dominos is using the Nuro R2 robot, fully autonomous with no back up driver for those "Oh Sh**" moments. This thing has already been approved by the DOT. Obviously, we are now in the age where autonomous vehicles are starting to make their way to the roads, the bigger issue is cutting out delivery jobs. This has been the concern with innovation in the workplace forever. I get it.

The Edge Pet of The Week 4/19 | 104.1 the Edge

Apr 22, 2021
ID# A1827498 – Jinx is a 5 year old, Blue, Domestic Shorthair mix. Jinx is a very special girl. She will slowly and quietly approach you asking for pets. Sometimes Jinx is wobbly and her head tilts to one side. She has a neurological issue that affects how she moves, but she is a lovely kitty who will be an affectionate companion for years to come. If you would like to meet this sweet companion feline, she is living at the Eastside shelter, waiting to find her forever home.
ID# A1824995 – Xena, is a 1 year-old,
Black, American Pit Bull Terrier mix. Xena would make the perfect hiking, running or walking partner. She is an affectionate, energetic, young girl with lots of potential. Xena knows sit, shake, and has shown confidence on the agility equiptment. She is a lovely lady and gives her full attention with treats, praise and consistency. Xena is at the Eastside shelter, come and meet her today!

Netflix Is Going to Teach You How to Get a Good Night's Sleep- New Show! | 104.1 the Edge

Apr 16, 2021
A good night's sleep has been hard to come by for a lot of people over the past year. And now Netflix . . . which probably shares some of the blame . . . is coming to the rescue.
They teamed up with the meditation app HEADSPACE for an animated series called "Headspace Guide to Sleep. WE ALL NEED MORE SLEEP - that is for sure! It is so very important!
It'll explore, quote, "the science behind a healthy night's sleep and provide tips on how to get the best sleep you've ever had."
Each 15-minute episode explores a new topic, like insomnia, stress, whether looking at your phone in bed is really that bad, and sleeping pills.

This Week's Weird News 4/16/21 | 104.1 the Edge

By Tim Binnall
Apr 16, 2021
A 'UFO detector' that set off a bomb scare, a lightning strike that shattered a tree in seconds, and a mysterious 19th-century tunnel discovered under a home in Illinois were among the strange, unusual, and enlightening stories to pop up on our radar this past week.
A farmer in Illinois found himself with a curious mystery on his hands this week when an attempt to repair a sloping sidewalk outside his home revealed a remarkably well-crafted and quite large tunnel that ran beneath his property. Comprised entirely of bricks, the intriguing passage measures approximately nine feet wide by nine feet tall and runs about 60 feet before hitting a huge pile of dirt that blocked wherever the tunnel is meant to lead. Believed to have been constructed around 1840, the purpose of the odd underpass is unknown as it could have been created to hold ice, served as a root cellar, or even been a part of the Underground Railroad.

Rock Stars And Their Pets #NationalPetDay | 104.1 the Edge

By Klinger
Apr 12, 2021
Sunday was #NationalPetDay and social media had no shortage of those posting our pics! Check out this video from last year of rock stars and their pets that includes Hayden from Crown The Empire, Dustin from Starset, the band Trivium along with Emma from Sick Puppies.
I've also included pics of the rock star pets in our family, Maya Brown, Hurley and our cat Walker (The Walking Dead). All rescues and all awesome! We do call Walker "Mob Boss" from time to time as he runs the house and is the gate keeper to food, water and anytime the dogs want to pass in the hallway.

Check Out The 'What Drives Us' Trailer Directed By Dave Grohl | 104.1 the Edge

By Klinger
Apr 13, 2021
The van. When first starting out, most bands pile into a van that pulls a trailer filled with instruments and travel the country to play music. That is what Dave Grohl dives into in his new documentary, "What Drives Us." Fun fact: Dave is actually in the same red van that the Foo Fighters used on their first tour over 25 years ago.
What is most cool to me is that most of the superstar musicians Grohl talks to all have unique memories of the early days of touring. I say "most" b/c Lars Ulrich from Metallica (spoiler alert) said he never toured in a van! Duff McKagen and Slash, Brian Johnson from AC/DC, Kira Roessler from Black Flag and Steven Tyler are just a few who share their stories of life on the road in a van.

Extra Park Hours: Things Bought A Flea World And More! | Real Radio 104.1

By Scott Harris
The World Premiere Of Disney/Pixar's "Cars 3"
On the Extra Park Hours episode of The Theme Park Podcast the guys and Brian Grimes talk about former attractions in Central Florida, the things they remembered seeing at Flea World. Brian talks about his tattoo which ties into several Orlando theme park attractions. Plus they discuss how Larry The Cable Guy went from radio personality to Disney star!
You can listen to the bonus episode of The Theme Park Podcast below:
Photo Credit: Getty Images

New Pringles Flavor | B104 | Josh Wolff

If you love Pringles and pickles... you'll LOVE this!
Pringles just released a new flavor that's around only for a limited time! It's called Pringles Wavy Deep Fried Pickle chips. Yup, tastes just like it sounds.
These Pringles are only available at Dollar General stores for a limited time, so look up the nearest one!
Are you going to try these?!
More here: https://www.delish.com/food-news/a36064609/pringles-deep-fried-pickle-chips/

Top Ten Most Popular Beers in America | 104.1 the Edge

It might surprise you ended up in the #1 Spot with 51% of the vote!!! I love all the Top 10

Gender Reveal Stunt Kills 2 In Plane Crash | 104.1 the Edge

No doubt expecting parents are excited to reveal the gender of their baby BUT, it's simply gone too damn far. The latest accident involved a plane that crashed into the water in Cancun, Mexico. This stunt had a plane flying over the water emitting pink smoke.

7 Things You Shouldn't do when getting a vaccine | 104.1 the Edge

Mar 31, 2021
Just saw this today and wanted to share with you. You can check out the entire article with more details HERE from the HUFF POST.
1. Before the shot - Don't take over-the-counter medications like Advil or Tylenol. There's a slim chance it could interfere with the immune response, but you can take afterwards to help with symptoms.
2. Don't worry about drinking alcohol. At this time - there is no evidence that it affects the vaccine or how well it works.
3. Don't get a tattoo or piercing right after your shot. There's a slight chance it could trigger an immune response on top of the one you're getting from the vaccine.

Trick: Never Have Soggy Fries Again! | B104

Apr 1, 2021
There's nothing worse than cold, soggy fries.
thisout. An ex-Mcdonald's employee has gifted us with the following tactics to help keep our fries fresh!
Keep the bag open. The steam being trapped in the bag increases the chances of your fries getting soggy.
Tilt the fry boxes on their side, but don't lose them! This keeps the heat evenly distributed.
Lastly (and this seems dangerous), put the fries at the bottom of the bag and let the burgers keep them warm

How many friends do you need to feel successful | B104

Apr 1, 2021
British anthropologist and “mathematician of relationships”
Robin Dunbar insists in his new book “Friends: Understanding the Power of our Most Important Relationships” that people can only maintain a certain number of friends at one time. Not only that, he believes that having too many friends can be just as bad as having none at all. 
According to Dunbar’s research:
150 is the “magic number” when it comes to quantity of friends a person needs for success.
These 150 people are described as “regular” friends, such as people you see at things like weddings or reunions, but don’t necessarily see all that often.

SEE IT NOW: Graduate Sued Over Racy Image

By C-Lane
Apr 1, 2021
Université du Québec à Montréal is suing one of their graduates for $125,000 for including her diploma with their logo in the "topless" photo seen above.
Helene Boudreau, a visual arts student at UQAM and OnlyFans creator, assures her Facebook followers this is no prank in her post below.
(Thumbnail Photo by Wang He/Getty Images)

International Women's Day Playlists - Real Radio 104.1

International Women’s Day Playlists
Powerful women with powerful voices are the main focus of our first playlist made by Angelique who can be heard on The Monsters in the Morning on Real Radi 104.1
Want to get in your feelings? Detroit helps wake up Orlando on Johnnys House every morning on XL 106.7
Looking to kick back and vibe? This is what Jana from XL 106.7 and Magic 107.7 has playing around the house.
A party ain't a party until Jenny walks in! This playlist covers many genres and makes you want to get up and dance!
Man caves are smelly, now a She Shed? That is the place to be! Leslye from Magic 107.7 has this playing loud in her She Shed!

The News Junkie - Real Radio 104.1

The News Junkie - I drink too much, curse far too often and obsess over breaking news. I hope we can still be friends. Read more: http://realradio.iheart.com/onair/the-news-junkie-50156/#ixzz4l84dxLfP

The Jim Colbert Show - Real Radio 104.1

Flooding Orlando Radio waves with my knowledge for 25 years....

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