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GOOD NEWS: NY State Trooper Rescues Missing Tot | 106.1 The Twister

By @HoustonOnAir
Apr 5, 2021
A New York state trooper saved the day when he rescued a missing girl who had wandered away from her home in South Bristol. When the two-year-old’s family couldn’t find her, they called authorities and Trooper
Brian Hotchkiss was on the search team.
About an hour later, he spotted her from a mountain peak after noticing her pink coat stand out among all the grey. Hotchkiss says he climbed through trees for about 15 minutes before he found the stream and followed it to find the toddler, who was lying on her stomach on a rock in the stream.

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GOOD NEWS: Police Bride & Groom Stop Wedding Pics To Save Man Hit By Car | 101.9 The Twister

By @HoustonOnAir
Apr 1, 2021
A pair of newlywed deputies in Florida put their wedding photos on hold to save a man who was hit by a car. The bride, Detention Deputy
Taylor Rafferty with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, and the groom, Deputy
Chris Rafferty, were posing for pictures when the man was hit in downtown Ocala.
The entire wedding party stopped what they were doing to rush to help the injured man - and all of them were still fully dressed in their wedding attire. The bride even directed traffic in her wedding dress with her bouquet in hand! Luckily, the man wasn’t severely injured and after he was treated by medics, the wedding party got back to celebrating.

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GOOD NEWS: Supermarket Worker Rescues Baby In Runaway Shopping Cart | 106.1 The Twister

By @HoustonOnAir
Mar 31, 2021
A grocery store employee in Illinois became a hero by saving a baby in a runaway shopping cart.
BenMazur is a courtesy clerk at Schnucks supermarket in Alton and he was hard at work wrangling carts when he heard a car horn “repeatedly and frantically honking.” It turns out, the driver was alerting him the cart rolling away quickly with a baby strapped inside.
Mazur took off, sprinting across the parking lot to save the infant. Because he bolted, he was able to stop the shopping cart before it slammed into a stop sign. The baby’s mother didn’t even realize what was happening because she was putting her other kids in the car when the cart took off.

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GOOD NEWS: New House Donated To Army Vet & His Service Dog | 106.1 The Twister

By @HoustonOnAir
Service Dog Helps Wounded Veteran Cope With PTSD
An Army veteran and his service dog now have a home sweet home of their own and they’re ready for a fresh start.
James Rutland grew up in the area and spent 12 years serving in the military, but when he got out, he struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts. He got help from K9s for Warriors, an organization dedicated to preventing veteran suicide and helping those battling PTSD.
Rutland believes in the program so much that he’s become a warrior trainer for them so he can help fellow vets in need. And he can thank the group for his new home, K9s for Warriors has partnered with JWB Realty to donate the house, as part of their “Welcome Home Warrior” event.

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GOOD NEWS: Delivery Driver Catches Toddler Falling From 12th Floor Balcony | 106.1 The Twister

By @HoustonOnAir
Mar 3, 2021
A “superhero” delivery driver in Vietnam was in the right place at the right time to save a child’s life.
Nguyen Ngoc Manh was in his car waiting to make a delivery in Hanoi when he heard a child crying and a woman screaming. He looked out and saw the two-year-old girl climbing out onto a 12th-floor balcony of a nearby building.
Manh rushed out of his car and climbed onto a nearby building’s roof to get closer, in case she fell. He says he lost his footing just as she started to fall, but he flung himself forward and was able to catch her, landing so hard he left a dent in the roof.

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GOOD NEWS: Delivery Driver Catches Toddler Falling From 12th Floor Balcony | 101.9 The Twister

A “superhero” delivery driver in Vietnam was in the right place at the right time to save a child’s life.

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GOOD NEWS: Dr & Nurses Save Preemie By Bringing NICU To Her In Snowstorm | 106.1 The Twister

By @HoustonOnAir
Mar 1, 2021
A baby born at 24-weeks weighing just one-pound was saved by a team of doctors and nurses, including some who loaded a truck with NICU supplies and drove through a winter storm to reach her.
Kimberly Arias hit the road in ice and snow to make it to the hospital on February 17th after feeling pain, which turned out to be contractions. She gave birth to baby
Zaylynn at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center in Marble Falls, Texas, but they don’t offer the specialized neonatal care premature babies require.
The hospital was trying to find a medical transport team to fly or drive Zaylynn to a NICU, but this was all happening while snow and ice were dumping on central Texas, making roads impassable. Their plea for help reached

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GOOD NEWS: Man Still Shovels Snow For Neighbor At 92 | 101.9 The Twister

An Arkansas man is proving that age is just a number by shoveling snow for his neighbors at age 92.

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