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Nigeria Ranks 109th in Global Innovation, South Africa Tops Africa

Nigeria has ranked 109th among the most innovative countries in the world according to the 2023 Global Innovation Index (GII), with Switzerland, Sweden, and the United States taking the top three spots. Africa’s top three innovators are South Africa (30.4%), Morocco (28.4%), and Tunisia (26.9%). Nigeria, with a score of 18.4%, falls behind these countries […]

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Kimberly Hunt gets a peek at Salk Institute's groundbreaking research

The Salk Institute is a place for a collaboration of scientists from around the world to delve into a broad range of research areas — from aging, cancer and immunology to diabetes.

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Early Start With Christine Romans

end. and i think that is what any basketball player wants. that is what anyone wants out of life is just to be wanted, be appreciated. and just let you go out there and rock. >> western conference finals continues tonight. lakers trying to even the series with the nuggets. that tips off at 8:30 eastern. and nhl also back in action with game one of the eastern conference final between the panthers and hurricanes. puck drops at 8:00 on tnt. meanwhile mets with a comeback for the ages against the rays last night. down to their last out, down by three, two runners on, alvarez launches a no doubter three run home run to force extra innings. and then after giving up two runs in the top of the 109th, alonzo plunges it deep into the new york night. three run walkoff home run. just second time since 1961 a team had a game tying home run in the ninth and walkoff home run in extras when trailing by

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Special Report With Bret Baier-20211228-23:43:00

to be a majoritarian institution. this distinctive quality of the senate was part of that great compromise without which we would not have a constitution. >> bret: now, that congress, the 109th was majority republicans 55 to minority democrats 44 seats. hugh? >> well, chuck schumer is going to give harry reid a run for his money as worst majority leader ever, bret if he brings this to the floor in the face of an obvious defeat. senator sinema is from arizona. arizona sued and successfully won their challenge to uphold in the brnovich vs. democratic national committee voting rights case last year their right to ban ballot harvesting. now, yesterday the president embraced federalism. he said only the states can save us from covid. the collision you played tonight

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