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9 health benefits of strength training

There are many benefits to strength training that can improve your health.

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Enzyme Linked To Loss Of Muscle Mass In Older Adults, Study Finds

Muscle health is integral to longevity. But as we age, we often lose muscle mass and strength. Researchers at Stanford University are piecing together why this happens.

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Low muscle mass may increase death risk among people with diabetes

researchers found that individuals with diabetes and low muscle mass have a higher risk for cardiovascular disease mortality and all-cause mortality.This association between low...

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Qantas targets Kiwis with bargain fares as Air New Zealand and Virgin speculate on what's next for Tasman

Qantas is flexing its muscle in New Zealand, promoting sale fares for Kiwis to nine destinations in Asia. The airline is now the biggest carrier across the...

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Supercars 2024: Taupō racing line-up to include Porsche Carerra, NZ Muscle Cars

The Porsche Carrera Cup Australia is joining Supercars at the inaugural ITM Taupō Super400 at Taupō International Motorsport Park next year. Supercars has...

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Reserve Bank takes out big foreign exchange insurance policy

The Reserve Bank’s (RBNZ) decision to give itself more muscle to intervene in the currency market in the event of a crisis is being met with some scepticism.

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Muscle Soreness After Working Out? Here's How to Manage.

Post-exercise stiffness is a part of any fitness regimen, but many treatments don’t address the underlying cause. Here’s what actually works.

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A visit to Shelby Headquarters and Counts Kustoms | Pure American Muscle on display

This is another of the really cool spots we stopped off at on our recent roadtrip (the previous thread was the Pomona Swap Meet). We ended the trip for the weekend in Las Vegas, and on the last day we

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