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The 11-Year-Old British Boy Walking to Save the Earth

Partly inspired by activist Greta Thunberg, Walker, from Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire, has braved hills, rain and doubts along his 210-mile trek to the British parliament in Westminster, central London.

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MISSING: Kansas City police asking for help locating a missing, endangered 11-year-old boy

Police are attempting to locate Deon “DJ” Ross, who was last seen in the area of 108th Street and Newton Avenue.

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Cleveland police looking for vehicle involved in shooting of 11-year-old boy

The child was injured when someone fired several rounds into a home on the city's East side.

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Greater Houston Mourns Storm Victims As Relief Efforts Continue

Houston Chronicle has reported that at least 25 people have died this week across Harris, Galveston and Brazoria counties due to the devastating winter storm.
On Tuesday morning, 11-year-old Cristian Pavon was found lifeless in bed inside his powerless Conroe home, his family wrote on a GoFundMe page set up by the deceased boy’s relatives. The fundraiser’s organizer wrote that the donations will be used to send Pavon’s body back to Honduras, his family’s home country, where he longed to return one day to see his grandparents.
The Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences disclosed on Thursday that at least four Harris County residents died from hypothermia this week. According to the

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'Not ready to leave this world': Boy who was attacked by dog on road to recovery

The 11-year-old is crediting his faith and an off-duty police officer who rushed in to save his life.

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