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Is intermittent fasting right for you?

Is intermittent fasting right for you?
Studies show benefits, but Consumer Reports says it’s not right for everyone
Is intermittent fasting right for you?
SAN ANTONIO – Intermittent fasting has become one of the most popular health and fitness trends in recent years.
People do it for various reasons, including to lose weight and improve their health.
Intermittent fasting is an eating plan that focuses more on when to eat than what to eat. Typically, people eat only during an eight-hour period or only every other day. Studies suggest that intermittent fasting may have benefits, including improvements in blood sugar and cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and weight.

These sunscreens top Consumer Reports' tests

Before you head to beach or pool or spend time outdoors, don't forget the sunscreen. Consumer Reports put 48 sprays and lotions to the test to see which protect skin the best.

Children at heightened drowning risk after pandemic canceled swim lessons, agency says

Children may be at a heightened risk of drowning this summer after the pandemic canceled swim lessons last year, child safety advocates warn.

June is a good time to buy these products

June is a prime time to score some deals on top-rated strollers, drills, smart watches and even sunscreen.

Sale of unregulated, risky infant sleep products banned

The Consumer Product Safety Commission voted to ban the sale of products marketed for infant sleep after more than 100 deaths linked to the unregulated products. Manufacturers have one year to comply with safe sleep standards.

12 On Your Side: Risky infant sleepers, chicken prices and Prime Day

"12 On Your Side" is KSAT's weekly consumer round-up dedicated to providing the information that can better your life, written by award-winning journalist and KSAT consumer reporter Marilyn Moritz.

Need a dishwasher, light bulbs, toilet? They're sales tax-free this weekend

If you need a new dishwasher, plants to spruce up the yard, or just want to stock up on light bulbs, Memorial Day weekend may be the time to shop. Texans pay no sales tax on qualifying energy-saving and water-sipping appliances and products.

'Cars don't melt in the sunshine': San Antonio woman's Prius damaged by sun rays

The back end of a San Antonio woman's car looks like it melted, and the owner thinks Toyota should repair it. But, she says the carmaker blames it on a phenomenon called solar convergence.

Got an iPhone? Here's what Apple's new privacy update means for you

Got an iPhone? Here’s what Apple’s new privacy update means for you
Latest software update requires apps to get your permission to track your data
SAN ANTONIO – Apple iPhone and iPad users now have more privacy power at their fingertips. The tech giant rolled out its new software update that includes more than new Siri voices and emojis. It also has a major change to its privacy policy in a feature called App Tracking Transparency.
With the ios 14.5 update, users will begin to see prompts on their screens when they open apps asking for permission to track their data. That information is often shared or sold to companies that then use it to target ads.

Prepare for the next weather emergency this weekend tax-free

SAN ANTONIO – Remember when the power went out during the February freeze and you wished you had lanterns, more batteries and even a portable generator. Now is your chance to prepare for the next emergency and save money, too.
Saturday through Monday, the state is waiving sales tax on a long list of supplies that can be vital when a natural disaster strikes.
“After the 2020 we had, and 2021, I don’t think you can be over-prepared for this stuff, " said Louis Tuttle, with The Home Depot in Windcrest.
Spring storms can bring lightning, hail, heavy rains and power outages. So it can be an excellent time to stock up on batteries. There are no quantity limits, but there are price ceilings on certain items.

Printer guzzling ink? Here's how to save money

SAN ANTONIO – If working from home has your printer drinking the ink and draining your wallet, it may be time for a new printer and even a different type.
Having to frequently replace printer ink cartridges is a big gripe. That could change with the rising popularity of inkjet printers with refillable tanks.
“Refillable tank printers came out about six or seven years ago. Since then, their prices have come down and their performance has improved,” said Octavio Blanco of Consumer Reports.
Tank printers use refillable ink reservoirs instead of pricey cartridges, cutting ink costs for consumers. With tank printers, you pay more for the printer itself but the ink is fairly inexpensive and you save money over time.

Before you file taxes online, here's how to do it securely

Before you file taxes online, here’s how to do it securely
All tax prep software contains multi-factor authentication
SAN ANTONIO – Like most Americans, Matthew Starcez is filing his tax return online.
“We’ve been doing our taxes online for the last seven years,” he said. “It’s easy. It’s convenient.”
If you use direct deposit, electronic filing is the fastest way to get a refund. So is it safe?
“The IRS says all tax prep software will now have multi-factor authentication,, which asks users for an extra bit of info to log in, like a code sent to their email,” said Consumer Reports security editor Yael Grauer.

Holding airline vouchers for canceled flights? They may be about to expire

Holding airline vouchers for canceled flights? They may be about to expire
Terms vary wildly; expert says read the fine print, call customer service
SAN ANTONIO – A year after the pandemic forced Lisa Kopecky to cancel her flight, she’s finally ready for takeoff.
“I’m going to New York for a little work trip and to see my daughter and little grandbaby, and I am about to do backflips all the way to check-in,” she said while arriving at San Antonio International.
It’s time, Kopecky said, to cash in her travel credits from that canceled flight.
The airlines have been mostly generous in handling customers’ changes, often offering vouchers for future travel. But one year since the lockdowns began, some of those credits may be about to expire. So what should you do?

Slow internet? A new WiFi 6 router may help

If your internet connection is frustrating and slow, it may be time to buy a new generation router for WiFi 6.

Youngest adults, not grandma, most at risk for scams, BBB finds

Youngest adults, not grandma, most at risk for scams, BBB finds
Online purchases most prevalent ripoffs of 2020
SAN ANTONIO – If you think trusting grandmas are the typical scam targets nowadays, think again. Think younger.
“Now, our younger 18- to 24-year-olds with technology in their hands, who grew up with technology, are at as high or higher risk as our senior consumers,” said Jason Meza, regional director of the Better Business Bureau.
The BBB’s Scam Tracker risk report showed a significant shift last year. The report showed the youngest adults may be tech savvy, but in 2020, they let their guard down scrolling through social media, apps and websites. And, scammers knew where to find them.

Having a baby? You need a pandemic birth plan

Having a baby is stressful enough. Add in a pandemic and it can be overwhelming. Planning ahead with a COVID-ready birth plan can ease some of the anxiety.

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