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Is chicken you're about to cook contaminated with bacteria?

Raw chicken in your freezer may be contaminated with potentially lethal bacteria, and it's perfectly legal.

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Is intermittent fasting right for you?

Is intermittent fasting right for you?
Studies show benefits, but Consumer Reports says it’s not right for everyone
Is intermittent fasting right for you?
SAN ANTONIO – Intermittent fasting has become one of the most popular health and fitness trends in recent years.
People do it for various reasons, including to lose weight and improve their health.
Intermittent fasting is an eating plan that focuses more on when to eat than what to eat. Typically, people eat only during an eight-hour period or only every other day. Studies suggest that intermittent fasting may have benefits, including improvements in blood sugar and cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and weight.

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These sunscreens top Consumer Reports' tests

Before you head to beach or pool or spend time outdoors, don't forget the sunscreen. Consumer Reports put 48 sprays and lotions to the test to see which protect skin the best.

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Children at heightened drowning risk after pandemic canceled swim lessons, agency says

Children may be at a heightened risk of drowning this summer after the pandemic canceled swim lessons last year, child safety advocates warn.

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June is a good time to buy these products

June is a prime time to score some deals on top-rated strollers, drills, smart watches and even sunscreen.

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Sale of unregulated, risky infant sleep products banned

The Consumer Product Safety Commission voted to ban the sale of products marketed for infant sleep after more than 100 deaths linked to the unregulated products. Manufacturers have one year to comply with safe sleep standards.

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