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Snore? Sleep apnea treatments go beyond CPAP

Snoring can be more than annoying for your partner. It can be a sign of a serious health issue. There are various treatments to help you and your partner get some sleep.

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May means Mother's Day, Memorial Day, tax-free sales

With Mother's Day and Memorial Day this month, there is no shortage of sales. Consumer Reports found discounts on some products that got high ratings in their tests.

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Credit report errors may be why didn't get the loan or job

Errors on credit reports happen more often than you may think, and they can mean big consequences. You can check your credit report every week for free.

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How to buy 'healthy' cookware

Healthy cooking typically focuses on the actual food, but what about the pots and pans you're cooking in? Consumer Reports makes recommendations.

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Only one small SUV rated 'good' in crash prevention tests

New, tougher crash tests show room for improvement as only one of 10 popular SUVs got a good rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

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Which sunscreens protect you best?

It's essential to protect your skin with sunscreen. But which ones work best? Consumer Reports put several to the test and has recommendations.

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The dangers of posting your young children on social media

experts warn this never-ending stream of seemingly innocent posts could be putting your child or grandchild at risk.

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How to curb your homeowners insurance cost

The cost of insuring your home keeps on climbing to record highs. There are some ways to try to trim your premium, like keeping your deductible high.

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