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Super Saturn: A star with over 30 rings that are 200 times larger than Saturn

While we marvel at the pictures of Neptune with rings, there is a world out there that has 30 rings, which are 200 times bigger than Saturn's.

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mentioned, along with in all likelihood some softening in labor market conditions. so that is what we're trying to achieve and we continue to think that there is a path to that. we know that the path has clearly narrowed really based on events that are outside of our control. and it may narrow further. >> the rate hike was welcome news on wall street with the dow and nasdaq each gaining more than 400 points. more now on the impact of the rate hike from brian todd. >> reporter: at his pawn 1407 in the kansas city area, denny russell sees a lot of new customers, people dealing with runaway inflation, selling off their personal items just to make ends people. >> people come in every day that they have never seen this place before. >> reporter: the federal reserve is desperately trying to tame inflation in america again raising interest rates three quarters of a percentage point, the fourth interest rate hike in america this year and fed chairman jerome powell says there could be more coming. >> inflation has obviously surprise to the up side over the past year and further surprises

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Man vs. machine: Predicting the Eagles' first-round NFL draft picks at 15 and 18

Which options are most likely for the Eagles in the first round of the draft? We offer our predictions vs. ESPN's Draft Day Predictor.

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Trade destinations for Philadelphia Eagles tight end Zach Ertz

PHILADELPHIA -- The 2021 NFL league year is upon us and tight end Zach Ertz is still a member of the Philadelphia Eagles.
That has some people scratching their heads. The sides have appeared destined for a split ever since extension talks broke down last offseason, putting strain on the relationship in the process. Ertz is ripe for a fresh start. Philadelphia is tight against the salary cap, has Dallas Goedert in the fold and is in the midst of a youth movement. All the signs are there.
There have been efforts toward getting a deal done behind the scenes. The Eagles granted Ertz permission to seek a trade about a month ago. But the proposed compensation in return for the three-time Pro Bowler clearly hasn't bowled the Eagles over.

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Has Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie gone too far with quarterback directives?

PHILADELPHIA -- For the second year in a row, Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie is pointing the franchise in the direction of quarterback Jalen Hurts -- raising questions and concerns in the process.
Lurie was influential in the selection of Hurts in last April's draft, according to sources. He wasn't alone on an island -- former coach Doug Pederson was seeking a young QB to develop and general manager Howie Roseman was said to be on board -- but Lurie wanted Hurts. And when bosses want something they usually get it.
Philadelphia used its second-round pick (No. 53 overall) on the Oklahoma product despite being financially committed to quarterback Carson Wentz to the tune of four years and $128 million. Hurts showed promise in four starts as a rookie, but using a high pick on Hurts, and later starting him in favor of the struggling Wentz, played a major role in the deterioration of the relationship between Wentz and the organization.

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Nick Sirianni's first coaching staff with Eagles has boom or bust potential

PHILADELPHIA -- With the Carson Wentz saga taking up most of the oxygen in the Philadelphia Eagles' office, the coaching staff has become something of an afterthought.
But it's a pretty big deal. First-time head coach Nick Sirianni, 39, has assembled a generally young group with some boom or bust potential, adding risk and intrigue to his mission of replacing Super Bowl winning coach Doug Pederson and getting a flailing Eagles team that finished 4-11-1 last season back on track.
Here are the primary coordinators/position coaches, followed by some analysis.
Jonathan Gannon (Age: 37), defensive coordinator
Shane Steichen (35), offensive coordinator

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Eagles' Jalen Hurts surprises 7-year-old, family with $30K check for new home

PHILADELPHIA -- Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts has been spreading a lot of love in and around the City of Brotherly Love.
He connected with the family of a 7-year-old boy named Erick, who is battling cancer, through Alex's Lemonade Stand to fulfill their Christmas wishes during this past holiday season. Hurts learned over that time that the family of seven from Nottingham, Pennsylvania, was living in a two-bedroom trailer, so when he went to visit them, he surprised them with a check for $30,000 to put toward a new home.
WATCH: As @JalenHurts was taking on his first season with the @Eagles, he was also building a special relationship with an amazing family of fans fighting childhood cancer that he met through Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation. https://t.co/rpQl17E7Qt— Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation (@AlexsLemonade) February 4, 2021

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Eagles' coaching search has a whiz kids flare, from Jerod Mayo to Joe Brady

Taking on such a big job with so little experience is a tall order, especially in a tough market such as Philly, but targeting younger coaches is in line with the latest NFL trend. While the average age for the 32 NFL head coaches was 50 in 2020, five current coaches are in their 30s -- Brian Flores (39), Kevin Stefanski (38), Joe Judge (39), Zac Taylor (37) and the youngest of them all, Sean McVay (34) -- while Kliff Kingsbury (41) and Kyle Shanahan (41) are not far ahead. The youth movement is one of the reasons cited for why veteran coaches were reluctant to opt out this season amid the pandemic, fearing that if they got out of line, they might lose their spot permanently.

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The flaw in Jeffrey Lurie's thinking on Eagles QBs Carson Wentz, Jalen Hurts

PHILADELPHIA -- The term Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie kept coming back to when talking about quarterbacks Carson Wentz and Jalen Hurts Monday was "assets."
It was one of the descriptors he used for Wentz when asked if the 2016 No. 2 overall pick would remain on the roster in 2021 -- Lurie said it wasn't his decision to make -- and it's how he framed the QB situation when giving an argument for why Philadelphia would be a desirable spot to be a head coach.
"We've got two really interesting assets. They are both young. They are both hungry. They are terrific people, very different and terrific people," Lurie said during a videoconference to discuss the firing of Super Bowl-winning coach Doug Pederson. "A coach is going to have options. A coach is going to have an ability to fix what he feels is necessary in our offense and have a potential star in Carson and a potential star in Jalen. That gives us an asset, also, so that if we end up deciding on one some day, the other is a really good asset."

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Playoffs on the line for Washington at Philadelphia Eagles in Week 17

Matchup rating: 23.1 |
: WSH -1.5 (43.5)
What to watch for: The Eagles set a record with 13 different offensive line combinations over their first 14 games, and further changes could be coming if left tackle Jordan Mailata isn't cleared from concussion protocol. Regardless, Philadelphia has its hands full against a Washington defense that ranks fifth in sacks with 44.
-- Tim McManus
Bold prediction: Regardless of starting quarterback, it'll be the defense and run game that flourish for Washington. Running back Antonio Gibson will run for 75 yards and a touchdown, and defensive end Chase Young will record two sacks. But maybe this is the boldest prediction: Washington will score on its opening possession for the first time all year.

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