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Losing Jamal Adams to another injury tremendous setback for Seahawks - Seattle Seahawks Blog- ESPN

Assuming Adams' quadriceps injury sidelines him for the rest of the season, the Pro Bowl safety will have missed 25 of 50 possible games in Seattle.

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CNN Tonight

his inner srkal called the investigations into january 6th. remember this? >> witch hunt. >> this is a partisan political witch hunt. >> this is absolutely a witch hunt. >> this is witch hunt 3.0. >> nothing but a political witch hunt. >> well, let remind you what a real witch hunt once looked like. can we go back to 1693, salem witch trials, 19 people hanged for stating the obvious, that they weren't witches. 55 others confessed, obviously under extreme pressure. one of them was johnson jr., the only woman whose name had not been cleared. why am i talking about it? now her name has been cleared. it took an eighth grade civics teacher and her students to convince state lawmakers to finally clear johnson. as much as trump and his allies

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CNN Tonight

's president joe biden. i am curious to see how this is going to go, going forward. dana goldman, glad to talk to you. i had a feeling you had a different viewpoint about how this might go. thank you for being part of the program. >> thank you so much for having me. >> trump and his inner circle called the investigations january 6th. remember this? >> a witch hunt. >> a partisan political witch hunt. >> it's absolutely a witch hunt. >> this is witch hunt three point oh. >> nothing but a political witch hunt. >> let me remind you what a real witch hunt once looked like. can we go back to 1693 for a second? the salem witch trials? 19 people hanged for stating the obvious. they weren't witches. 55 others confessed, obviously, under extreme pressure, that they were convicted but spared. one of them was johnson jr.,

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New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar

a team of volunteers under more than 20 pieces of wood in a cave off the oregon coast back in june which turned out to be wreckage from a spanish vessel that capsized in 1693 near astoria, oregon. there are many similarities between that ship and one-eyed willie's pirate ship from "the goonies," given its location on the oregon coast and the mystery surrounding its fate. >> are the jewels to save the town? we don't know. we're still awaiting the details, right? >> should a good movie, shawn astin, josh brolin. >> don't forget to download the "5 things" podcast every morning, go to cnn.com/5things and find it wherever you get your podcasts. the mega millions jackpot, which berman is such a fan of, is now topping a billion dollars. we'll speak with a ceo who bought tickets for all 55,000 of his employees. plus, one of the most

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Americas Newsroom

what those people will find in the last 24 hours since i was on the show last there was 1,693 apprehensions right here in the rgb. they will see firsthand the assembly line efficiency which the cartels are operating. these are color-coded numbered bracelets the migrants wear when they come across the border. if you look from the footage we shot last night, our team, it is one of many groups coming across this specific group had 84 individuals. one was a pregnant woman. 30 of those migrants were accompanied children but despite the soaring numbers it is not slowing things down. the message of these border patrol agents is don't forget about us. it is worse than it's ever been and they want the americans to see just how much it has gotten out of control and want more support from the administration and a change in some of those policies. now in terms of arrests just in the past few days we have a nicaragua man convicted of kidnapping in south carolina along with a couple of mexican

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Last Salem, MA, 'Witch' Finally Pardoned 329 Years Later

22-year-old Elizabeth was convicted of witchcraft in 1693. 328 years later, in 2021, an 8th grade civics class from North Andover found out she was never officially pardoned, and decided to do something about it.

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Expect Seattle Seahawks to play the long game during free agency

SEATTLE -- The Seattle Seahawks cleared more than $14 million in cap room when they released defensive end Carlos Dunlap earlier this week. It didn't take long for observers to start connecting the imaginary dots and assuming the Seahawks were freeing up money to get quarterback Russell Wilson some high-priced help on the offensive line.
To be sure, the savings from Dunlap's release would be enough to help the Seahawks make a run at one of the big-named offensive linemen who are about to hit free agency such as center Corey Linsley (an All-Pro with the Green Bay Packers last season) or left guard Joe Thuney (who just played on the franchise tag with the New England Patriots). Those are the two positions where Seattle is unsettled up front.

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Seattle Seahawks free-agency overview - NFC West- ESPN

Game plan: Cutting Dunlap seems likely. That would clear $14.1 million in cap space but would leave the Seahawks without their most accomplished pass-rusher, unless they re-sign him for less. If not, they'll need to add a primary edge threat. They'll also need at least another complementary rusher like Mayowa or Irvin. They can't count too much on Taylor, a second-round pick last year who didn't play as a rookie because of a leg injury. Jackson (neck) is not expected to continue playing. Defensive tackle Poona Ford is Seattle's only restricted free agent who's likely to be tendered.
UFA: K.J. Wright

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Jalen Ramsey gives Seahawks' DK Metcalf chance to shine vs. top CB

RENTON, Wash. -- The Seattle Seahawks could pick from a handful of moments last season when they knew receiver DK Metcalf was special.
It could've been in Week 1, when he played 19 days after knee surgery and broke Steve Largent's record for receiving yards in an NFL debut with 89 yards against the Cincinnati Bengals. Or midway through the year, when he went for a season-high 123 yards and a touchdown against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, giving him three scores in two weeks. It might not have been until the wild-card round, when his 160 yards (plus a touchdown) against the Philadelphia Eagles set an NFL playoff record for a rookie in the Super Bowl era.

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Detailed text transcripts for TV channel - CNN - 20190324:16:54:00

investigation brought criminal charges against 34 people, how close to these charges come to the trump orbit. of those 34 people charged six were trump associates and the probe sentenced five people to prison including paul manafort and michael cohen as well as george papadopoulos. if you're wondering how long it took robert mueller compared to other special counsels, the investigation into bill clinton saw two special prosecutors and lasted 1,693 days. tonight our cnn series explores the knic the nixon presidency.

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