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in the meantime, asked if he thought the u.s. would restock the strategic petroleum reserve which is at its lowest level near 40 years going all the way back to 1984. transport secretary pete buddha jed headded this. >> even though i'm excited about america leading the way to a future where we don't have to wait on some middle eastern country in order to get our energy, the reality is it's not happening overnight. >> most certainly it is not happening overnight. then again, the production on the domestic side can make a difference for americans right now. all of this is happening i should point this out, carley and todd, the price of crude is nearing $87 per barrel. with some predicting it could top hundred dollars a barrel if opec goes through with this threat. carley and todd? >> carley: i'm sure the prices we saw in the spring when we saw $4 per gallon gas.

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Witness History

of extraordinary moments in history, but for now, from me and the rest of the witness history team, goodbye. records going back to 1984. 1884. september was slightly wetter than average in rainfall was just above this redline which is the average mark. figs which is the average mark. as welcome as that may be we know that the drought continues across a large part of england and for wales and in fact september was the only second month this year after february which was wetter than average. there is some rain in the forecast as we go through the rest of this week and in parts

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The Faulkner Focus

>> harris: experts told us on this very program, including charles payne at fox business, the numbers will go right back up at the end of summer and they have. lower gas prices in some places in the country over the summer were a blip on the screen. they're up big time. californians staring down at an average price of over $six. nevada, oregon, alaska with averages of more than $five again. $seven a gallon in new jersey where i live for that diesel which affects the prices on so many things as our goods travel on those big rigs that need diesel. president biden tapped the national reserve earlier this year to lower the prices. now the reserve is at the lowest it's been since 1984. he better not tap that again.

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CBS Evening News With Norah ODonnell

camden, new jersey arct times her parents had to choose between paying the electric bill or buying food. >> it was very difficult. >> reporter: despite the financial hardship, her late mother, who died from covid her freshman year, encouraged her to apply for college and scholarships. that's when she found the horr, aio alger association. since 1984, it's given out $235 million in scholarships to students in need, students like angel vigil, who spent years bouncing between families and foster homes. >> if it wasn't because of the scholarships i would not be tiebl attend university. >> reporter: he is now a sophomore at arizona state university. >> now i see myself being able to complete college and eventually become a stubborn. >> if somebody would have told me they would come to n.y.u., i would not be able to believe them or afford to come here. >> reporter: "here" where her life has changed forever. meg oliver, cbs news, new york. >> o'donnell: such a wonderful lifeline. well, that's the "cbs evening

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1984 Marks 'One of the Darkest Years' in Modern Indian History: US Senator

"We must remember the atrocities committed against Sikhs so that those responsible may be held accountable and that this type of tragedy is not repeated," said Pat Toomey.

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The Big Saturday Show

happening on college campuses to other professions. >> yes but i should say anyone who bans you from berkeley is doing a fantastic job, don't get near that woke embarrassment. i don't think they hear themselves because they are the antithesis of everything they claim to be fighting for, inclusion, intolerance and aversion viewpoints. comedy back on, it's interesting. one of the most iconic standup specials is george carlin on campus taped in california and ucla two days in 1984. the reason he had if there is because is an outrageous comedian at the time, i college was the only place he felt safe telling offensive jokes. it's a one hour special. nowadays the list of things you can say in one hour and seven minutes long before your show starts and that's where they have taken this backwards, it is

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hurricane, as you just mentioned, is no different. we know exactly why they're doing this sean. we are headed towards a midterm election where they are desperate to get their base inspired in any way possible because they have failed epically on every possible front for the american people. so they're now trying to claim that one of the quietest hurricane seasons in 30 years is somehow due to climate change. i'm still trying to connect the dots there. by the way, this was a big hurricane, it was a category 4 storm. i grew up in wrightsville beaming north carolina. i saw plenty of hurricanes growing up. when i was just a baby in 1984, hurricane diana came through, hit my home. that was a category 4 storm. i have been through many hurricanes. i remember my mom, as a very little girl, she told me watching an oak tree in her front yard in north carolina when hurricane hazel came through, category 4 hurricane. we have seen this time and time

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Fox News at Night

at the lowest levels in nearly 40 years, 1984 to be exact, kevin. here's our colleague edward lawrence in the briefing room earlier. >> is there a concern that the reserve is not high enough now to handle the aftermath of this emergency and other hurricanes that could come? >> we will continue to assess after the storm passes to see what the impacts are and make sure we're putting measures in place to support any gas we might identify. >> while the president boasts about the price of gas decreasing in part to his tapping into the strategic oil reserves it's noticeable the price of gas is more than 50% greater than when he took office. >> and still rising in places like california. lucas tomlinson for us, lucas thank you, i'll see you again in just a few >> meantime wawa convenience stores in philadelphia facing a unique brand of criminal. lawless teen-agers. we have video of a ransacking that one philadelphia inquirer columnist described as a scene from the apocalypse.

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americans are rejecting the student loan bail out and their reckless spending and out of control high inflation lunacy. they are rejecting the never ending obsession with all things january 6th and donald trump and the politics of personal destruction. that's the reason why tonight democrats are desperate to demonize and slander any republican at all costs and try to hide their own extremism on abortion, borders and energy. they are imploding in terms of popularity with the american people. we will start tonight with a simple basic question similar to what reagan asked in 1984 for reelection. are you better off than you were 4 years ago? are you better off now than before joe biden took office? it's that simple. better off under rising

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World Business Report

course oil is priced in dollars, so when the dollar is so strong, we have at the moment effectively many consumers, people filling up at the pumps will not be able to benefit from this drop—off so much that we have seen, because due to the fall in sterling, and other weaker currencies around the world, it means that they have to pay more, even though on the markets the oil price has dropped off, so they will not receive the full benefit of that. meanwhile, the us is depleting its strategic petroleum reserve and there are worries about that and stability in the future because they are now down to levels not seen since 1984. and there is still a lot of uncertainty, and the us is also warning that they will not be able to help europe when it comes to the energy shock that could be coming down the road, and we have heard the boss of the saudi aaron co saying that the

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