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other person was involved? some people that is definition of a terrorist attack right there. but what their odds you could have two disgruntled workers? how are you looking at that? >> pretty rare you have disgruntled employees working in tandem. the only dual nonterror shooting can remember is the columbine shootings, obviously, where you had two guy was in religious or political motivations just mad men. but when you start bringing in the broader circle, one, two, three, guys, that's the mo or terrorists, whether they're political or religious and that makes you wonder and fear whether there's another shoe about to drop. so we hope it's only this one mad man, aaron alex simple. right now we just don't know his motivations but there is a track record there that is disturbing. >> neil: all right. thank you very much. again, what we're looking at is a military installation, someone who is dressed in at least military fatigues, got through,

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