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i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. it is half past the top of the hour. the fbi releasing new chilling surveillance video from inside the navy yard massacre that left 13 people dead including the gunman. you see aaron alexis armed with a sawed off shot gun peeking around corners looking for someone to ambush. up next quickly moving down the stairs into another hallway. he sees some people and he ducks right there behind a wall. new insight this morning as well. aft as to his motive, the fbi found a bizarre note saying radio waves drove alexis to kill. >> this man accused of opening fire in a light picfixture comp in garden city, new york. he is 63-year-old sang ho kem. he killed a co-worker and

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disorder. it is thursday, september 26th. >> announcer: from abc news this is world news now with john muller and diana perez. good thursday morning, everybody. we're learning much more about the deadly attack in the navy yard. >> it's showing the gunman in real time roaming the hallways. here's pierre thomas. >> reporter: this is aaron alexis armed with a sawed off shotgun hunting innocent victims. it started as a routine monday at the navy yard. alexis shows his pass and is waived in by a security guard just before 8:00 a.m. surveillance cameras capture him driving into a parking garage and moments later walking in through the front door of building 197. he's working there as a civilian contractor. there's no metal detector, no bag check. we next see alexis armed with a shotgun peeking around corners, checking doors, looking for

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the software has got to communicate across all sorts of institutions. it's got to go through hhs, irs, medicare, state-run exchanges, private insurers, and then the employer software system. so if you think that it's going to go smooth on october the 1st where those machines try to figure out, okay, what is your rate, it ain't going to be easy. >> elisabeth: the district of columbia said mid november they won't be able to run any of these numbers on-line because they're on error control already. we're looking at a week away. it's not good. >> brian: heather, as a nation, we should promise not to get sick until they figure this whole thing out. untear your hamstring. >> right. we've got headlines to bring you and dramatic new video has just been released by the f.b.i it shows the navy yard killer in the act. aaron alexis armed with a sawed off shotgun peeking around corners, looking for someone to ambush. next he moves down the stairs, sees some people and then ducks

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