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4 Steps to Forgiving Yourself for Past Mistakes

<p>Clearly, in this context “forgive yourself” doesn’t mean “absolve yourself of sin.” Only Christ can do that, if we accept the forgiveness that Christ purchased for us on Calvary. And thankfully, we know that in Christ, we receive His forgiveness through repentance, to enable us to transform, and grow more spiritually mature. It’s somewhat surprising then, given we have such a wonderful Savior, that so many have a difficult time forgiving themselves.</p>

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Worried About Stocks? Take These 5 Lessons From the 1987 Crash

Thirt-five years ago, the stock market lost more than 20% of its value in just one day. Here is what you must learn from that long-ago event if you want to…

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Be Encouraged That God Looks at Our Heart, not Outward Appearances

<p>We humans cannot do anything with complete purity because our sinful hearts lead us into areas of vast sin, and there is only one way they can be fixed: Jesus Christ. He is the only way toward a pure heart, and He is the only One whose nature (heart) is perfect.&nbsp;</p>

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How Can Christ Help Us Defeat Pessimism?

<p>Whether you choose to react to events with hope or hopelessness makes all the difference in how you experience life. The good news is Christ can help us defeat pessimism, and replace it with biblical optimism.</p>

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34 Prayer Quotes to Uplift and Encourage Your Prayer Life

<p>Prayer is how people talk to God, hear from God, and spend time with God. Through prayer, we can experience God in powerful ways. Yet establishing a good prayer routine can be a challenge for many Christians who desire to put God first. </p>

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Credit Card Balance Transfers: When Are They a Good Deal?

Don't transfer that balance just yet. Read this first to find out if it's a good idea.

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