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Child ADHD is on the rise, but many of these diagnoses may be unnecessary or harmful

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We always hear that ADHD is on the rise, but what exactly is behind that rise? Luise Kazda explains.

Kelly Osbourne says she's a 'crazy person'

Kelly has turned her focus towards acting over recent months as she prepares for the next phase of her career.
The TV star - who is the daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne - told 'The Filling With Anna Barnett' podcast: "I’m a full-blown actress. I started a project two months after getting sober.
"I am in training every day and in acting classes every day and really preparing for this new thing that all starts and stops with me being good at it, so it’s a lot of pressure.
"I also sold three more TV shows this week. It’s all what I did in quarantine.

FDA OKs first new ADHD drug in over a decade for children

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FDA OKs first new ADHD drug in over a decade for children
LINDA A. JOHNSON, Associated Press
April 5, 2021
This undated image provided by Supernus Pharmaceuticals in April 2021 shows bottles for different dosages of the drug Qelbree. On Friday, April 2, 2021, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the medication for treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children ages six through 17. (Supernus Pharmaceuticals via AP)AP
U.S. regulators have approved the first new drug in over a decade for children with ADHD, which causes inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity.
The Food and Drug Administration late Friday OK’d Qelbree (KELL’-bree) for treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children ages 6 to 17. It comes as a capsule that’s taken daily.

Autism and ageing

When we think of autism, we tend to think of children. Yet autism does not simply disappear as you get older. Researchers in the autism lab at the...

Sleepless nights might increase the risk of ADHD, says study

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Sleepless nights might increase the risk of ADHD, says study
Sleepless nights might increase the risk of ADHD, says study
A New Study Launches A Warning For Those Struggling With Sleepless Nights As It Might Increase The Risk Of Attention-deficit/hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Himani Garg
| Updated on: 04 Sep 2017, 09:57:55 AM
New Delhi:
A new study launches a warning for those struggling with sleepless nights as it might increase the risk of Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Around 75% of children and adults are reported to be affected by the disorder.
What is ADHD? 
ADHD is a biological condition that makes it hard for many children to sit still and concentrate and now the extensive research shows that people with ADHD also tend to exhibit sleep problems, according to Sandra Kooij, Associate Professor at VU University Medical Centre in Netherlands.

ADHD report highlights financial burden, challenges at school for kids and families

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ADHD report highlights financial burden, challenges at school for kids and families
Bree says she wouldn't change her daughter, Sienna, for anything.
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A report revealing the "huge financial cost" of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in Australia is calling for more resources and funding for parents who are struggling with the challenges of supporting their children.
ADHD is a neurobiological condition that can affect a person's ability to pay attention or control impulsive behaviour.
For some kids, that can present as risky or disruptive behaviour. For others, it means they're simply unable to focus on certain tasks and struggle to keep up with the workload.

Get Back to Sleep With These Best-Selling Weighted Blankets

Get Back to Sleep With These Best-Selling Weighted Blankets
Weighted blankets have recently skyrocketed in popularity and it’s really not surprising (2020, anyone?). These heavier-than-usual blankets are known to transform sleep habits and ease anxiety thanks to an inherent “feels just like a hug” magic and, let’s be frank, who couldn’t use an extra hug these days? Included below are some best-selling weighted blankets that can help you get back to the kind of sweet soothing slumber that we all dream about.

The Surprising Reason Why I No Longer Get Angry About My Daughter's Messy Room

"I no longer feel extreme anger when I see my daughter's messy room, " the author writes.
I am a neat freak who feels anxiety at the sight of clutter. When the culprit of the clutter is my 16-year-old daughter, my anxiety turns into anger. Merely catching a glimpse inside her room is enough to cause my inner Hulk to emerge. As you can imagine, this has led to some family conflicts.
I’m not just talking about her room. I know the exact path she traveled from the front door to the kitchen to her room. Instead of dropping breadcrumbs like Hansel and Gretel, she marks her way with a jacket, sneakers and rice cake pieces. As if that’s not enough, the pantry door will be left open and all the lights along the way will stay illuminated.

Get Back to Sleep With These Best-Selling Weighted Blankets

Get Back to Sleep With These Best-Selling Weighted Blankets
Weighted blankets have recently skyrocketed in popularity and it’s really not surprising (2020, anyone?). These heavier-than-usual blankets are known to transform sleep habits and ease anxiety thanks to an inherent “feels just like a hug” magic and, let’s be frank, who couldn’t use an extra hug these days? Included below are some best-selling weighted blankets that can help you get back to the kind of sweet soothing slumber that we all dream about.

Get Back to Sleep With These Best-Selling Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets have skyrocketed in popularity the past few years and it's really not surprising. Get back to sleep with these best-selling, top-rated options.

Kids With ADHD and Autism Succeed More During Online Class, New Study Shows

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Photo: (Photo : Photo by Julia M Cameron from Pexels )
Many parents are concerned that their children will fall behind while learning virtually during the coronavirus pandemic, so President Biden's goal to have the majority of K-8 schools open by the end of his first 100 days in office is a welcome goal.
However, parents discover that their children with ADHD or autism perform and focus better in an online school setting when classmates do not surround them.
Andrea Parrish confirmed the same as a researcher at Johns Hopkins School of Education and director of growth and learning programs at the IDEALS institute.

Insight Treatment Hour - Kids With ADD and ADHD – March 08, 2021

Kids With ADD and ADHD – March 08, 2021
On this episode of the Insight Treatment Hour, our hosts Frederik Shulan talks with his guest, Heather DeAngelis, LCWS, as they talk about ADD and ADHD. Frederik starts off the show by talking about ADD,ADHD, and Anxiety with Heather. Heather happens to be a therapist that happens to help out children who have and suffer from ADD and ADHD. Frederik and Heather talk more insight on what ADD and ADHD do and how to deal with it safely and effectively. Later in the show, Heather gives her special insight on these mental health, ADD, and ADHD.

Homeroom: My Grandkids Need Help with Online Learning

The Atlantic
Online learning hasn’t been easy for them.
Elena Xausa
Editor’s Note: Every Tuesday, Abby Freireich and Brian Platzer take questions from readers about their kids’ education. Have one? Email them at [email protected]
Dear Abby and Brian,
I’m trying to supervise my 9-year-old grandson through online learning. He has ADHD, is extremely smart, and gets bored with the slow pace set by the teacher, who’s trying valiantly to engage 28 different students.
Often, once he has figured out the answer to a problem, he starts playing online games. Keeping him off those creates endless battles and frustration for both of us.

ADHD symptoms, concerns increase during COVID-19 pandemic

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and last updated 2021-03-08 13:11:23-05
KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Homes have transformed into work and school spaces, and there's a new concern on how it's impacting children.
A lack of focus could be a sign of ADHD. According to the nonprofit
CHADD, which supports adults and children with ADHD, there was a 62% increase in the number of calls they received on their help line since the pandemic started.
What used to be the distraction of other students, could now be distractions of a pet or younger siblings at home.
41 Action News anchor Rae Daniel spoke with Dr. Sasha Hamdani with the

Mental Health Survival Kit, Chapter 2: Is Psychiatry Evidence Based? (Part 1)

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Psychiatric diagnoses are not built on science but consensus: A show of hands decides which symptoms should be included in a diagnostic test.

Memphis Zoo making changes to become more sensory inclusive

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The zoo hopes their changes encourage other venues in the Bluff City to become sensory inclusive.

As an adult with ADHD this is what I wish I could tell my childhood self

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As an adult with ADHD this is what I wish I could tell my childhood self

200 Million Americans currently HYPNOTIZED and LOBOTOMIZED by Big Food and Big Pharma

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(Natural News)
There are more than 200 million numb and dumb American consumers, who’ve watched TV their whole lives and believed that food advertised as healthy actually is. This two-thirds portion of all American adults have no clue that most food is literally designed to cause your body to develop diabetes, cancer, heart disease and dementia. Then, they also have no clue whatsoever that medical doctors and the hospitals they report to only serve up four forms of “medicine” and they’re all corrupt to the core: Lab-concocted prescription medications, vaccines, surgery and chemotherapy.
These are the “Insidious Four” that make Big Food and Big Pharma the richest industries in the world. They script and fund 99 percent of the advertising you see, and oversee 99 percent of the FDA/CDC regulatory agency decisions. Now, get ready for some mind-blowing statistics.

KemPharm Scores FDA Nod For ADHD Drug, MNOV Quits COVID-19 Vaccine Race, UTHR Gives Up On Trevyent

NEW YORK CITY (dpa-AFX) - Today's Daily Dose brings you news about KemPharm scoring regulatory nod for its ADHD drug, expanded FDA approval for Pfizer's Lorbrena, United Therapeutics scrapping the development of Trevyent, Vir Biotechnology closing the enrollment in VIR-7831 arm of ACTIV-3 trial, and Takeda securing global rights to Ovid's investigational medicine Soticlestat.
Read on.
1.KemPharm Scores FDA Nod For ADHD Drug
KemPharm Inc. (KMPH) soared more than 42% on Wednesday, following FDA approval of AZSTARYS (formerly referred to as KP415), a once-daily product for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in patients age six years and older.

Genetic Links Between Eating Disorders and Other Psychiatric Disorders

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Genetic Links Between Eating Disorders and Other Psychiatric Disorders
by Anjanee Sharma on 
March 2, 2021 at 5:25 PM
Genome analysis of over 20,000 British individuals has revealed genetic links between eating disorders, mental illnesses, and body weight regulation.
Many recent studies have pointed out that anorexia nervosa shares predisposing genetic markers with various other psychiatric disorders.
Genetic associations of anthropometric traits (like weight, BMI, or waist circumference) are different for each eating disorder, making the genetic predisposition to these traits a distinctive feature.
Nadia Micali, who led the research team, explains,
"Previous studies, which highlighted a genetic association between a high risk of anorexia nervosa and a low risk of obesity, have begun to lift the veil on certain aspects of how eating disorders develop that had been mostly neglected until then."

Strep Throat Doesn't Worsen Tourette's, May Affect ADHD

By Robert Preidt
HealthDay Reporter
TUESDAY, March 2, 2021 (HealthDay News) -- Strep throat doesn't appear to aggravate Tourette syndrome and other chronic tic disorders in youngsters, according to a new study.
But it did find an association between strep infection and increased hyperactivity and impulsiveness among kids with ADHD.
People with chronic tic disorders have unintentional repetitive movements and vocalizations. Previous research has suggested a link between strep and tic and behavioral disorders.
"The link between streptococcus and tics in children is still a matter of intense debate," said study author Dr. Davide Martino, of the University of Calgary in Canada. "We wanted to look at that question, as well as a possible link between strep and behavioral symptoms like obsessive-compulsive disorder [OCD] and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder [ADHD]."

Her White Blood Count Was Dangerously Low. Was Med School Still Safe?

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She was days away from defending her dissertation when her doctor told her she needed to have a biopsy that could change her life.

Hello, brains! A life spent helping others understand ADHD online

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>> Cheryl Maguire, The New York Times 
Published: 23 Feb 2021 01:49 PM BdST
Updated: 23 Feb 2021 01:49 PM BdST
Jessica McCabe's service dog-in-training, Chloe, retrieves her medicine in Seattle, Dec 22, 2020. The New York Times
Jessica McCabe, creator of the YouTube channel “How to ADHD,” is not a doctor or medical professional. At 38, she’s had a variety of professions including stand-up comedian, actor and restaurant server.
Through all those years, she has been learning about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, which she was diagnosed herself at the age of 12. Explaining that information is something she has done on her YouTube channel since 2016.
“Our brains are a piece of equipment we work with every day for everything that we do, so it’s critical to understand it,” she said.

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